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SDCC ’12 | Red She-Hulk takes over Hulk with issue #58

Red She-Hulk

The next big thing for the Red Hulk, apparently, is to hand his book over to his daughter. As announced at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at Comic-Con today, the Jeff Parker-written Hulk series will turn into Red She-Hulk with issue #58.

The name and character shift follows on the heals of another comic written by Parker that recently changed its name and cast, the comic formerly known as Thunderbolts and now known as Dark Avengers. Parker told MTV Geek that the new status quo “will grow out of some ideas we were exploring in Hulk.”

Parker added “She may be the first Hulk who isn’t just angry, but is righteously angry and chooses to AIM her anger. She doesn’t resent her human side, she still thinks of herself as the same person when she transforms, like her father. But her Hulk form has no inhibitions or worries that she might be doing the wrong thing. Red She-Hulk acts upon what she wants, usually as soon as the idea or emotion hits her.”

No word on what happens to the Red Hulk, beyond “his expertise is required in another place.”



I_Captain Blanco

July 12, 2012 at 6:46 pm

Is Incredible Hulk still ending? That’s the only Hulk I care about.

I’ll sample this, given that I’m already reading HULK. Having said that, was there any outspoken fan cry for this? I often get the sense of late that Marvel is trying to dictate to the market what books we SHOULD like. There’s this weird push for things like Hit-Monkey, the Red Hulks, the new Nova, and the new Captain Marvel (whose solicits called it “the hottest book of the year”–and it wasn’t even out yet). Popularity happens organically, not because Marvel tells me that I should be reading something.

NO !!!!! HULK’s been one of Marvel best book ! The stories are amazing not like ultra-boring Incredible Hulk.

I’ve been collecting Red Hulk from day 1, DO NOT KILL THE CHARACTER please MARVEL

may be they have plans for big red i mean he’s going to appear in that ne hulk cartoon, so that is a sign he may appear somewhere else maybe a new incredible hulks series

Relax, Telimtor!

We still keep Jeff Parker! He’s the guy who makes the stories interesting! :)

Rollo Tomassi

July 12, 2012 at 8:44 pm

On Sunday Marvel will announce Red She Hulk is ending with issue 63.

Oh, one other thought….if it’s necessary to cancel EVERY flagship Marvel title and restart it with a #1, why is this picking up Red Hulk’s numbering instead of getting a new #1 itself? This is ridiculously inconsistent.

And RED SHE-HULK will be quickly canceled. On a slightly more positive note, INCREDIBLE HULK will most likely be relaunched as HULK: AGENT OF SMASH (which will be the in continuity MU version of the upcoming HULK AND THE AGENTS OF SMASH cartoon).

I’ve been waiting for a new She-Hulk title since Peter David’s run but not like this. I just can’t get into these new Hulks. Virtually the entire supporting cast of the original Incredible Hulk is now a Hulk. To me, it’s like if Superman had Lois, Jimmy and Perry all with Kryptonian powers, not just for an arc but for years and years. Yet, for some reason, Marvel doesn’t seem to grasp how silly it is.

Added to my beef is that Red She-Hulk is just a touch too much like the original She-Hulk. Intelligent with a hair trigger temper. Uninhibited. Lots of additude. At least Red Hulk seemed very different from the Hulk when he first appeared, even displaying some different powers.

The saddest part is Parker is really talented and could probably give us the best She-Hulk book since Dan Slott. Maybe better. Why put him on Red She-Hulk when he could be on the real thing? Maybe next Marvel will put Bendis on Great Lakes Avengers.

I think the problem was that Jeph Loeb made a LOT of people mad with his run of the book. Jeff Parker has been amazing. Rulk now has redemption and is a complex intriguing character. I’ve been collecting the graphic novels of Red Hulk ever since they came out. I’ll follow Rulk wherever he goes.

I thought that the Red Hulk comic was going to be re-titled Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H?

No, no ,no, no ,no!!!

Why cant Marvel give Parker the real Hulk to write, or She Hulk! With Betty as a supporting character!!

I’m sick of all these multi coloured Hulks!!

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

July 13, 2012 at 6:25 am

I was terrified that this title might get cancelled due to its lack of solicits the past couple months and am greatly relieved that its sticking around and, more importantly, that the amazing Jeff Parker is staying on board. He’s been knocking it out of the park since he took the book over from Jeph Loeb, making Hulk one of my favorite Marvel titles in the process.

As for the shift, I like it. I really like Betty as Red She Hulk, and I definitely think there’s a lot there to work with in terms of character. The fact that the book has Carlo Pagulayan on art definitely helps. Can’t wait for this!

One more thing, PLEASE don’t kill off Red Hulk: being an Army brat myself, I find him much more relatable than Banner. Don’t misunderstand: I don’t think he’s a better character than Banner, just more relatable.

Now they just need to announce an Incredible Hulk relaunch with someone that ISN’T Jason Aaron, and I’ll be completely satisfied. I love Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men, but he just doesn’t get the Hulk. Call me crazy, but I think this is one character Matt Fraction could work wonders with.

Guess we’ll see!

Choke on Red She Hulk comic buying public, in the history of the great Sentry.

This could be good or bad. I’m not automaticlly going to follow this new title just becuase the red hulk run under Parker has been great.

Red Hulk ( thunderbolt Ross) does have a self destruct built into him if he absorbs energy too often. He will burn out one of his two forms. He will probly be one of the big heroic sacrifices in AvX.

So. Parker runs the Red Hulk into the ground (monthly sales of the book have been terrible since he took over), and they think re-branding it as Red She-Hulk is going to see a big push of new readers? It will putter along for about 8-10 issues then fold.

Typographic error there: it’s ‘heels’ not ‘heals’.

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