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SDCC ’12 | Simpsons comics go digital with comiXology app

comiXology and Bongo Comics have announced plans to launch a Simpsons comics app during the Bongo panel Thursday at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The app will launch with 20 Simpsons comics, while a free copy of Simpsons Comics #100 will also be available for a short time at The comics available at launch are:

Bart Simpson #1, 72
Bartman # 1, 2
Lisa Comics #1
Radioactive Man #8, 100
Simpsons Comics #1, 40, 87, 109, 131, 149, 175, 191
Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Bart Simpson’s Pal Milhouse #1
Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Ralph Wiggum Comics #1
Simpsons Summer Shindig #1
Simpsons Super Spectacular #1, 15

It’s interesting that they’ve elected not to offer same-day digital releases on the app, instead deciding to wait a month before releasing new material. The press release reads: “Digital versions of all new Simpsons comic book titles will be available on the app within a month after their direct market print release, accompanied by selected classic issues from the Bongo archive. After the launch the Simpsons Comics app will offer at least two digital releases each week, featuring both new and classic issues.”

“Our plan is to help Simpsons comics fans to experience the fun of collecting our comics in the digital world the same way they would collect printed comics,” said Bill Morrison, Bongo’s head of digital development, in the release. “They’ll be able to get current issues, and also discover and collect back issues a few at a time until they build a complete collection.”



Cool, now maybe I can get some of the early Gail Simone stuff that my LCS never had.

Here’s hoping the pricing is a little less like Marvel and a little more like everyone else

Which issue of Simpsons Comics had the Grant Morrison vs. Mark Millar throwdown in it?

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