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SDCC ’12 | Watch the teaser for the Deadpool video game

This afternoon at the Marvel Games panel at Comic-Con International, Marvel officially announced a Deadpool video game from Activision and High Moon Studios, with whom they’re also developing a Hit-Monkey game. Well, actually, Deadpool took over the panel himself to make the announcement.

If you weren’t in San Diego to catch the official announcement in person, don’t worry: The Merc with a Mouth has released his own teaser video, which you can watch below. The game’s set for release sometime next year.



So it’s the stupid Daniel Way DP with the voices in his head. Sigh. Better than nothing I suppose, but damn that voice DOES NOT match the character.

Such an exciting game! Waiting for this for long.

“Suck it Wolverine”

Best tagline ever


I lol’d at “Suck it, Wolverine.”

wow. And Black Panther, or Luke Cage can’t get their own game. Ah, well…

Oh come on, nolan north would be the best choice for deadpool’s voice.

that was the funniest trailer ive seen for a long time ‘lets face it im not the only one with sh*t in my pants am i’ – this looks like a lot of fun, they got an idea when its out?

Looks like it’s trying too hard. I’m sure in-game, a lot of what annoyed me will be fine, but having an onslaught of it like this was just more annoying than anything else.

Looks fun, but whoever gets the final approval regarding voice casting at Marvel really needs to be pink-slipped.

They give older Tony Stark a young Peter Parker-esque voice in Earths Mightiest Heroes, ditto Reed Richards in that same series, and here… where they SHOULD be using that default hero voice, they give him the elder statesman voice.

Is it really that hard to do? If it’s a younger, nimble character… give them a younger, nimble voice.

I bet if you switch Tony Stark’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes actor with this one, both characters would’ve benefited.

I don’t like the voice it sounds to much like desmond and Nathan I think who ever voiced the yellow/orange caption box would have been a better pic, because that’s kind of how I always imagined his voice but a little different.


@Sean The same actor did all three voices, the main voice, the white caption box, and the yellow caption box. Nolan North, who voices Desmond, Nathan Drake, Penguin, and a ton of other game characters. He has quite the range, and I thought he was a perfect deadpool in Marvel vs Capcom 3. I’m excited for him in this.


July 15, 2012 at 2:38 pm

I agree w what the first comment partly. the voice actor is good. Many other voice actors wouldnt fare too well and would maybe even be worst. I dont like Way’s Deadpool. i did like his Wolverine Origins story where he makes fun of Wolvie because he complains and isn’t greatful fot what he has. The other story atcs are just plain dumb. i hope they follow Joe Kelly or Even some of the Cable & Deadpool run. There is way more to Deadpool then just a bumbling idiot and annoying banter. He is a dramatic tragic hero and has saved the world more then once I hope they can convey that in the game. I am glad he is zany and the game does look violent so I am very happy its rated M. will pick up a copy for wach system and we’ll see how it goes…

Me Poolsta.

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