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SDCC ’12 | You, too, can have Bart Simpson’s hairdo

TVLine has the first look at the Comic-Con International exclusive that everyone will be wearing … or stepping over on the convention floor: Fox’s Bart Simpson crowns. They’re made of heavy paper, like something you might snag at Burger King, but considering their limited-edition nature, they’ll probably end up becoming considerably more valuable.

The crowns will be available at the Fox Fanfare booth (#4313) on a first come, first serve basis. There’s also a Simpsons panel scheduled for 12:45 p.m. Saturday, with executive producer Al Jean, supervising producer Mike Anderson and voice actor Yeardley Smith in attendance.



Huh, reminds me of one company who did this last year with hair. Oh yeah FUNimation! We did Goku hair last year and this year Fox runs with the idea and does Bart.
Pic example.
We printed 10,000 of those hair crows for Anime Expo, Comic-Con and Otakon.

We didn’t come up with the idea of paper hair. VIZ did Yu-Gi-Oh hair in 2006 at Comic-Con.

I always thought the “such and such did this first“ conplaining was a “fan“ thing. Never thought a fellow IP man would bitch and moan about it publicly.

Not bitching, I’m snarking. I even said we weren’t the first. Just observing the cycle of booth promotion in snarkform. That’s all.

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