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Six by 6 | Six more “Earth One” titles DC should consider

Tomorrow DC Comics releases the second of the new reader-friendly “Earth One” graphic novels, Batman: Earth One. Originally announced in 2009, this second graphic novel is just hours away from release, and people are already looking toward the line, and this title’s, future. DC has already announced that J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis have a sequel to Superman: Earth One  due out Nov. 6, and Geoff Johns let slip that he was already writing a Batman: Earth One sequel in an interview posted on Entertainment Weekly‘s website. With those two balls in the air, and DC actively looking to expand their roster of mainstream-friendly characters, I thought I’d give some unsolicited advice on what they should consider next for the “Earth One” line.

1. Wonder Woman: Earth One: As the third part of DC’s trinity of superheroes, it’s a no-brainer that Diana would — and should — be included. While she might not be Superman or Batman, that in itself is a unique marketing ploy and creative springboard. And if you step back and think about it, DC is in the unlikely place of having multiple possibilities for Wonder Woman: Earth One already in place. The obvious choice seems to be the untitled Wonder Woman story that Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver have mentioned working on for years now, but there’s also the possibility DC might consider dusting off a script they bought and never used: Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script. And then there’s always the shelved All-Star Wonder Woman series by Adam Hughes; earlier this year he said that both he and DC have considered reviving it at some point for something.

2. Green Lantern: Earth One: DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns (and de facto chief writer) might be charting a years-long course on the monthly Green Lantern titles, but I think he’d be the first to admit that it’s not as new reader friendly as DC would hope in a perfect world. DC could really break open the Green Lantern concept and undo some of the damage the Green Lantern film caused by putting Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris and others in a rebooted setting.

3. The Flash: Earth One: As the fastest man alive, the Flash is a hard one for readers to grab a hold of. Without a benchmark movie to introduce the mainstream public into his concept, putting him at the center of a standalone “Earth One” graphic novel would be a no-brainer.

4. The Joker: Earth One: It’s conspicuous that the Joker has no part to play in the Batman: Earth One graphic novel coming out tomorrow, but thinking about the character further, I’d argue that he doesn’t need to share space with Batman; he has the popularity and the history to carry his own book. DC’s had Joker in his own solo stories on numerous occasions, but getting a story centered on a villain right–without reforming the villain–is difficult. Maybe Scott Snyder has some ideas for this.

5. Green Arrow: Earth One: When done right, Oliver Queen is an ideal foil for the more mercurial heroes at the top of DC’s super-hero pantheon and seems like a character that would most benefit from a new-reader friendly origin in an “Earth One” book. Andy Diggle and Jock did an excellent Green Arrow: Year One series a few years back, but I think this requires a different kind of touch to make work — mixing the millionaire aspect with his penchant for bow and arrows. The Arrow TV series is set to premiere later this year, so a Green Arrow: Earth One graphic novel could do well in the near future.

6. John Constantine: Earth One: Although he doesn’t have a long history playing with the super-hero stalwarts of the DCU, Constantine is a prized possession in that four-colored treasure chest of ideas DC owns. Imagine finding a creative team that could successfully bring the British sensibilities of this warlock in the modern world. Just don’t tell Keanu Reeves.



I dont think we need Gl earth one as we already had Secret origin which was great by the way.

i think Aquaman needs it more.

Lester Romero

July 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm

The Secret Origins arc for Green Lantern was a great but it put forth Atrocitus and Black Hand which felt more like a bridge connecting device to Blackest Night. I’d like to see what Johns could do with a fresh Green Lantern series from scratch without having to worry about tying things into other past or future arcs,

I really do like the Constantine idea btw.

Morrison said his WW project was envisioned as Earth-One. Also I don’t think EVS is working on the WW project since he has a OGN with Gail Simone coming up. Unless he’s doing both.

I’d like to see a Green Lantern: Earth One, but with someone other than Geoff Johns writing…

Nicholas Post

July 3, 2012 at 4:34 pm

How about JLA: Earth One, or better yet, JSA: Earth One?

There already is a good modern Constantine OGN. Jamie Delano and Jock did one set in Iraq a few years ago.

We don’t need any new Earth One comics. Why would you want to spend time and money reading yet another origin story?

Rather have a Teen Titan: Earth One than suggestions 2-6, but I agree that WW should have one as well.


July 4, 2012 at 12:14 pm

I’d like to see a Shazam or Dr.Fate.

CAPTAIN MARVEL : YEAR ONE – again, there are several good film scripts going around

I would love, love, If DC did what they did for the silver age, establish the likes of Green Lantern and Flash with completely new characters and reinvented concepts. Create a new GL, FLASH, ATOM ETC for a new earth one.

It doesn’t HAVE to be an origin story. X-Men the movie wasn’t an origin story. The Incredibles. Burton’s Batman. Adam West Batman. I think thinking outside that box is what’s going to make the next big hit.

Legion of Super Heroes!

I agree with Tae. It doesn’t have to be an origin. I’m for all of the ones up there, but I’d also like to Captain Atom: Earth One, Martian Manhunter: Earth One, Aztec: Earth One, Zauriel: Earth One, Mister Miracle: Earth One, and Steel: Earth One.

I think Randy also has the right idea except I would do it with less-popular characters in the same vein as Morrison did with Seven Soldiers of Victory.

“As the fastest man alive, the Flash is NOT a hard one for readers to grab a hold of.”

Fixed that for you.

Don’t really see the point in any more “Earth One” Stories with the DC Reboot. All titles are Earth One now. The Superman reboot is very much like Earth One Superman. DC would do better to rebrand these titles “Origins” and spare the writers of each title the inevitable flashback storyline arc.

I like the idea of more Earth One novels because it’s creating a seperate universe. I feel with Earth One they can take their time, find the right writers and make Earth One a fantastic alternate universe. The great thing about it is that each book is longer then a single issue comic. Taking away a lot of bullshit. You can tell a better story with a 3 100 page graphic novel than twelve 20 page comics. I’ve really enjoyed the three Earth One books i’ve read and look forward to more characters being introduced to the universe.

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