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Steve Cook’s ‘Secret Origins’ photo exhibition is back

Steve Cook, U.K comics designer/colorist/renaissance man,  has a new iteration of his “Secret Origins” photo exhibition running at the Renoir Cinema. from July 20 to Aug. 17. You can see some more examples of the work below, and many more on his website.

The exhibition is craftily timed to coincide with the release of some movie about Batman, apparently. I remember seeing Bisley in his pomp at UKCAC 1988, when he looked just like the above image — biker boots, leather trousers, leather jacket. He looked pretty much exactly like Joe Pineapples of the ABC Warriors, the strip he’d just recently made his reputation on.

Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, nightclubbing in 1999

John Romita Jr., Marvel UK, 1985

Dan Green, Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr., 1985

Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman with their first award, 1988

Mark Millar, 1991



is Grant Morrison secretly wrestler Christopher Daniels when hes not writing comics?? Ive never seen them both in the same place at the same time. :)

John Romita Jr. almost looks exactly like Steve Guttenberg.

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