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The majesty of Joel Micah Harris’ super-manatees

The greatest thing you’re likely to see all day — hell, all week — is Joel Micah Harris‘ series portraits of DC Comics and Marvel superheroes as manatees. As ludicrous as the concept is, Harris manages to wring a lot of emotion out of these mash-ups, creating downright regal images of Martian Manatee Hunter and Captain Amanatee, and depicting a Fastest Manatee Alive that’s not only fleet of flipper but maybe a little melancholy.

See Martian Manatee Hunter and Womanatee below, and many more on Harris’ DeviantART page.

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July 26, 2012 at 1:23 pm

oh… those huge manatees!

The entire series is fantastic!

It’s really hard to make me like mashups, so…a big hand to Joel Micah Harris.

Check it out! You can buy tshirts with them here:

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