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Wish This Was Real | Denis Medri’s steampunk Spider-Man

Not too long ago, Denis Medri received some attention for drawing rockabilly versions of Batman characters and an epic fantasy take on the Avengers. Most recently though, he’s completed a series of designs for steampunk Spider-Man, his rogue’s gallery, and a couple of allies to help Spidey out. You can see many of them below, but I highly recommend also checking out Medri’s DeviantArt site to see his current project in progress: Western Justice League.





Wow. Just wow.

This should be a thing

I would totally love to see a six issue miniseries based around this. Get someone great to write it, like with Marvel 1602, and I would buy the sh*t out of that.

I’m kind of surprised that this isn’t already “real.”*

I mean, how many eras hasn’t Spider-Man been dressed-up for by this point in some time warp, What If or other exercise?

* I think I get what you mean by “real,” but you have to admit it’s rather a difficult choice of word to make sense of in this context.

He should totally draw a Victorian Era Mary Jane Watson modeling for a painting/early photograph.

sandwich eater

August 2, 2012 at 1:24 am

Venom in a top hat is surprisingly hilarious,

Amazing! I love steampunk subkulture and this is best stmpnk drawing I’ve ever seen! Can you do more? Pleeeease? :)

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