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Yes, New Comics Day is on July 4

As those of us in America prepare for the festivities of Independence Day tomorrow, it’s also important to remember another special day: New Comics Day. Despite it falling on a federal holiday when most comic stores are traditionally closed, thanks to Diamond’s Tuesday delivery of new comics, they’ve avoided the traditional holiday delays but have left comic stores in a conundrum: should we be open July 4?

New York City’s Forbidden Planet comic store traditionally stays open on July 4, but the confluence of events making New Comics Day occur on a federal holiday does raise some questions of what the turnout will be.

“We’re unique in that we’re in the middle of a bustling area with tourists and locals, so I expect that our regular customers will come in the morning before they their barbecues and other events,” said Jeff Ayers, manager of Forbidden Planet. “We’re also doing 15 percent off sale across the board that we hope will sweeten the pot  and bring in people who are on the fence about coming to a comic store on Independence Day. In the past we’ve normally been slow on July 4, but this year should be interesting.”

An informal survey of several comics stores has revealed that most major comic stores in the United States will be open for July 4, but with special hours. If you’re thinking about heading to a comic store this Wednesday, call ahead to make sure they’re open — and see if they’re doing any holiday specials! You can find a shop near you using Comic Book Resources’ Comic Shop Locator.



My LCS specifically asked the regulars whether or not to open for the 4th. We unanimously decided to let him have the day off :-)

My LCS down here in Texas (Dragon’s Lair) will be delaying New Comic Book Day until late Thursday afternoon this week due to shipping delays.

If your LCS owner isn’t smart enough to realise choosing a career in retail means you forfeit bank holidays, why not just buy digital?

From Dragon’s Lair: “Our delivery provider did not pick up the books for shipment,” it happens.
Re: digital comics: all those apps keep crashing on me, I’m still very underwhelmed by the digital experience.

My shop here in St. Louis, Star Clipper, will be open. And since I’m off work, I may just make it in on a Wednesday for the first time in months! Woo-hoo!

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