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Alex Segura returns to DC as executive director of publicity

Alex Segura has rejoined DC Entertainment as executive director of publicity, he announced today at The Source.

He previously served as publicity manager at the publisher from 2006 to 2010 before taking the job as executive director of publicity and marketing at Archie Comics, where he also wrote last year’s four-part Archie Meets KISS story. He was promoted in June to vice president — publicity and marketing.

“This is an important time at DC Entertainment. And a great time to be DC Entertainment. The New 52 is in full swing,” Segura wrote at The Source. “The company is crackling with a creative energy that’s never been seen before – in comics and beyond. And while I could take up a lot of Internet real estate listing all the great things coming up, we’ll save that for later. Short version: big stuff is happening. Get ready.”

Segura will report to Courtney Simmons, senior vice president of publicity. His hiring likely fills the void left by the departure in April of Vice President of Publicity David Hyde, who had been with the company for nearly nine years.



And right now DC could use a director of publicity

Congrats, old buddy.

Archie meets KISS, huh? So he’s got some writing credits under his belt?

Because I think I read somewhere a couple of DCs titles need a new writer…

I would prefer that all of DC just goes back to 2006.

@ Me I want a clone of Jeanette Khan to kick the man-children out and take DC back to it’s former glory

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