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Batman: Puppet Master fan film puts Edward Nigma on the case

If the trailer for Batgirl: Spoiled wasn’t enough to whet your fan-film appetite, there’s now Batman: Puppet Master, a short set in the aftermath of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as the Gotham City Police Department calls in an expert to help bring Batman to justice: FBI Special Agent Edward Nigma.

However, Nigma doesn’t merely want to catch the Dark Knight; he wants to deduce his secret identity, proving that he’s the world’s greatest detective. To that end, he enlists the assistance of some of Arkham Asylum’s inmates — Arnold Weskler and Peyton Riley (aka the first and second Ventriloquist), and Victor Zsasz.

Directed by Bryan Nest from a script by Chris Wiltz, Batman: Puppet Master is described as “a film created by fans for fans and it delivers an exciting storyline that will introduce fans to new versions of Mr. Zsasz, The Ventriloquist, and Edward Nigma (aka The Riddler), who fans were expecting to appear in Nolan’s third Batman film.”



Laurence J Sinclair

August 10, 2012 at 9:57 am


love how the film makers nailed how creepy scarface is as a dummy espically when the Ventriloquist has such a fit about the box. though kind of a little bit confusing to have both there at the same time. plus also loved how nasty Zza is the actor nailed the role.

Not bad! Should have held out for a better Batman though.

The guy that plays Riddler does a great Cillian Murphy, great Movie though.


August 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Nicely made, story makes no sense. How exactly did that telephone call occur?

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