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Brian Wood promises Northlanders wasn’t the end of his Viking saga

It’s been more than five months since Vertigo canceled Northlanders after 50 issues, but writer Brian Wood signaled over the weekend that he hasn’t told his last Viking tale.

“The final volume of the collected Northlanders will be published in December,” he wrote on his blog. “The last monthly comic came out earlier this year. I meant to write some sort of wrap up essay, but it felt like a requiem and honestly I’m not really ready to say goodbye like that. I’ve been missing the book more than I thought.”

He continued, “So I’ve always said that, sure, eventually I’ll write more viking comics.  I have plenty of material, and after I let some time pass I’ll get to it. I think once Conan is over — I have about 15 scripts left to write — I’ll start writing this new venture.  It may follow the same format as Northlanders or it may not.  […] I know what the story is. I wrote it already as a tv pilot treatment and for awhile I thought it might be a novel and there’s a couple chapters written. I think it probably needs to be a comic. With all these projects I’m taking on, there’s still something missing. This isn’t a eulogy. More like a promise.”

Debuting in December 2007, Northlanders utilized self-contained arcs to tell tales set at different times and locations, and with different characters, during the same historical era — the late 8th century to the 11th century. Wood worked with a range of artists on the book, including Becky Cloonan, Leandro Fernandez, Davide Gianfelice, Ryan Kelly, Vasilis Lolos, Dean Ormston, Fiona Staples and Danijel Zezelj. Massimo Carnevale illustrated all of the covers.



CORRECTION: “Massimo Carnevale illustrated all of the covers BRILLIANTLY.”

Dear Brian,

Love everything you do. Recently bought the Channel Zero collection. This news really excites me. I’ve only read Northlanders trades 1 and 2 but Its great stuff and I’ll eventually get the rest. Currently reading all your monthly titles at Marvel and Darkhorse.

More Brian Wood Viking fare is always a good thing!

so he is planning on leaving Conan in the near future?

15 more scripts to write, 7 issues out, probably a few scripts in the can = approx. 25 issue run?

It was always meant to be 25 issues, that’s the definition of the job. I’m not leaving so much as completing the gig.

I LOVED Northlanders. I have every issue and I can’t wait to see what you have lined up after Conan. And yes, I am getting Conan and The MASSIVE.

More viking tales from Mister Wood?

Yes, please! Great news.

NORTHLANDERS is a fantastic series. I was skeptical of a viking series at first, but once I read “Sven, the Returned” I was hooked. Glad to know that more Viking tales are still to come.

I posted on another thread that Ed Brubaker is my hero and I look to him when I think about how to develop a comic writing career. I’ll say that Brian Wood is but a smidge below Ed on the My Hero List. And the reason for that is I am not a big fan of Mr. Wood’s work on Warren Ellis’ X-Line revamp back in the day. Other than that though, I have loved everything he’s published.

Keep it up!


Tom Fitzpatrick

August 20, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Will Vertigo be publishing Northlander II?

Be sure to keep us posted, Mr. Wood! Anxiously awaiting the final Northlanders trade. (“The Plague Widow” was my favourite!) Shame the series ended! Looking forward to trades of The Massive.

Brian, as excited as I am about more Northlanders, Any chance on another 6 issue run of Demo? Also, any plans on coming out to Australia some time?

Demo: chances slim to none, but never say never. Speaking of never, I’ll never been invited to Australia. Kind of a long flight from NY, tho.

This is fantastic news!
I was definitely a doubter when Northlanders was first announced (as I was so into DMZ at the time), but it *quickly* became one of my favorite titles. (By Brian or anyone else)
I’ve been buying the Conan series but I haven’t read it yet… I kind of hate the character and figure it’ll work better for me in one long sitting… so I’ve been on a sad Brian Wood break for a bit apart from The Massive. I’m thrilled to hear there might be some more stories coming in the Northlanders vein.

One of my favorite things about the series was the fact that there wasn’t a constant protaganist throughout the whole series. When a character returned (or a familial line was mentioned) it was always exciting… but the idea of jumping around geographically and chronilogically without the need to attach to one particular character is one of the things that about the series that I enjoyed most.

That’s also a big reason why I’m missing out on the current X-Men runs… I finally feel free of the need to care at all about a shared universe as big and convoluted as Marvel (or DC for that matter). Zero interest in long-running episodic stories these days… another reason to really look forward to this in the future.

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