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Cartoon Network releases all three ‘Bat Man of Shanghai’ shorts online

Last month we posted shaky footage from a short from Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block called “Bat Man of Shanghai.” Featuring an anime-influenced Catwoman in 1930s China, it made me long for the return of DC’s Elseworlds imprint, in which creators reimagined familiar characters in different time periods and settings.

Now, just as the Elseworlds nostalgia had subsided, Cartoon Network has released a three parts of the series online — each spotlights a different character — showing us Bane’s ode to King Kong, Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Bat Man and a high-speed three-way fight.

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That was pretty cool.

Warner Bros, please make sure you do a DC Nation DVD collecting ALL of the shorts done so far.

And add any DC related skits from MAD as bonus features.

Why should I be surprised they’re not available in Europe?

I know, Turgul. We, silly Europeans, should go back to our internetz. Promoting this stuff to us is a clear waste of time and resources. Obviously.

Not available in my country… they are prejudice against non-americans! I was looking forward to seeing it…

See if this link works for the non-American crowd.

I hope there’s more of this. This was pretty awesome.

Fantastic! I hope this continues, just because I want to see a Shanghai 1930 version of The Joker.

the studio responsible for the animation is wolf smoke, in China. they also did kung fu cooking girls before this.

Hey Cartoon Network:

You should keep going with this version of the Bat; it’s the only fresh new rendition there is out there. I know some people don’t like newness, but the Bat has been redone so many times that it’s nice to see something new. After all, like Shakespeare, the art is in the telling of the story.


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