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Comic Couture | Marvel villains, Batcuffs and more recently held a contest where they asked artists to design shirts with a Marvel villains theme, and they’ve now posted the winners. The above shirt was the judge’s pick, chosen by Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, and designed by Mariel Thompson. You can see the other winners at their site.

I feature a lot of T-shirts here in Comic Couture because I’m a T-shirt kind of guy, but sometimes the occasion calls for something more … something dressier. And nothing says dressier like some Batman cufflinks … which, priced at $125, make me remember why I’m a T-shirt guy.

(Thanks Martin!)

All right, so back to the shirts … this one is for all the zombie fans out there, and is available at RedBubble.

By the way, I should mention that many of the items I feature here get posted to our Tumblr throughout the week, so if you’d like to see them sooner, head over there and subscribe to it.

And finally, DC Comics announced a new merchandising deal this week … no, I’m not talking about the Ecko Unlimited one, I’m talking about the one with Fetch…for pets!, which will bring all sorts of superhero-themed pet clothing to Petco.

How long before one of these shows up on Dogshaming?



As someone who does dress a little better than the rabble, those cufflinks are insane. They look like cheap plastic and are THAT much? I’d expect a little metal in my cufflinks if that’s what I’m paying for them.

Tom Hiddleston has such a rabid fanbase of Loki fans. They are…kind of crazy to say the least.

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