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Comics A.M. | The Oatmeal creator raises $1M for Tesla museum

Nikola Tesla

Crowdfunding | Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, raised $1 million in just over a week on Indiegogo to help fund the restoration of Nikola Tesla‘s laboratory as a museum, surpassing the $850,000 goal. “THANK YOU SO GODDAMN MUCH,” Inman wrote on his blog. “WE ARE GOING TO BUILD A GODDAMN TESLA MUSEUM.” There are still 34 days left in the funding campaign. [The Associated Press, The Oatmeal]

Publishing | Warren Simons, executive editor of Valiant Entertainment, discusses gathering the talent for the Valiant relaunch, refining the characters for modern-day tastes, and keeping the books accessible to new readers. He also gives some hints about what to expect from Valiant’s upcoming series Shadowman. [Previews World]

The Underwater Welder

Creators | In Toronto for Fan Expo Canada, Jeff Lemire talks about his dual life as a creator for DC Comics and doing indie work: “Normally those two worlds – the superheroes and the independent stuff – don’t mix but I note with The Underwater Welder that people who read my DC stuff are checking it out. I think I put my unique voice into all my work and people respond to that.” [Toronto Globe and Mail]

Creators | Derek Kirk Kim talks about the manhwa he read as a child in Korea, why he likes filmmaking, and the dangers of being pigeonholed by his readers: “Same Difference was great in that it kickstarted my professional career (as in being able to make a living solely doing art), but it sort of painted me into this corner as well. I get people saying things like, I need to ‘get back to my roots’ or ‘TUNE sucks and it’s surprising coming from the guy who did Same Difference.’ … The thing is, even before Same Difference, I was doing genre-infused work. I want to do everything and anything. But it’s kind of hard to win over the same audience who only know and like you for one specific thing.” [MTV Geek]

Comics | Tom Spurgeon takes the cost of the full run of DC’s Before Watchmen comics — about $145 — and puts together 13 alternative comics packages that readers could get for about the same price. [The Comics Reporter]

Dotter of Her Father's Eyes

Creators | Bryan and Mary Talbot discussed their collaboration on Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes at the Edinburgh Book Festival. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Grant Morrison was at the Edinburgh Book Festival as well, and he talked about Supergods to a packed room, despite the late hour. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Alex Dueben talks to Bianca Stone, who creates poetry comics, which are just what they sound like. [The Comics Journal]

Comics | Image Comics co-founder Jim Valentino shares his thoughts on the potential of comics to reach different audiences in a brief video interview. [Sequart]

Competitions | Scottish publisher DC Thomson (The Beano, The Dandy) and The University of Dundee are co-sponsoring the second annual Dundee Comics Prize; this year’s challenge is to resurrect the 1940s Dandy character The Amazing Mr. X and make him relevant to modern readers. [Forbidden Planet]



Brian from Canada

August 27, 2012 at 7:53 am

Why would the Oatmeal’s success be classified as “confounding”? Visitors already helped the site surpass its charity donation against the copyright infringement lawsuit, and had already crashed the donation site on its first day for the Tesla museum because Inman makes a valid case:

Nikola Tesla was a genius. There’s no monument to him. And this was Tesla’s main lab — who’s other alternative was to be paved over for a strip mall by some Russian. Quite frankly, in the choice between a strip mall and a monument to the man who helped create the light bulb, it’s not hard to see why people are putting their money in the latter, is it?

I contributed to that! I’ve never seen crowd-funding raise so much so quickly. Incredible.

I believe it is confounding for at least a couple reasons Brian, first it’s over a million dollars, to workin’ stiffs like most of us, that is more money than we’ll ever have on our own at once (including that matching grant).
The fact that it was done so damn quick. Of course the Copyright lawsuit was going to do better, as it pulls from a much broader constituency. Which brings me to point #2: Even though Tesla has lots of indie/outside/nerd cache he is still very much considered a fringe figure in science. That is changing, but DIY crowdfunding project like this are still very much idie/DIY driven so while it might seen like a slam-dunk to nerds like us, if you go into the general public, they wouldn’t care one way or the other about the strip mall.

Thankfully, this museum will be another great step in the right direction to rehabilitating the man’s legacy.

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