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Cosplayers go crazy with liquid latex Venom costume

If you thought Comic-Con International was the be-all, end-all showcase for the best in cosplay then you’re missing out. Costume designer and photographer Adam Jay has stepped it up a notch, creating a liquid-latex rendition of erstwhile Spider-Man villain Venom with the help of model Freddie Nova.

Eddie Brock she’s not: Nova really gives the Venom costume a new life in her looks and her performance — really living up to the animalistic nature of the symbiote. As it turns out, Nova has done a number of superhero cosplays, as showcased in her Facebook gallery.

Check out more photos below, and visit Jay’s website to see the full photo set.

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Very cool. I found all the CG with venom in Spiderman 3 to be video gameish and goofy looking, but I don’t know how feasible something like this would be for a full movie either.

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