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DC Collectibles rolls out exclusive custom prints

Finally deciding to cash in on the minimalist poster trend, DC Collectibles has unveiled a series of stylish prints showcasing some of the characters and locations of the DC Universe.

Alongside the requisite vintage-style travel posters for Themyscira, Coast City, Kandor and The Flash Museum are images spotlighting the Court of Owls, the Green Lantern Oath, Talon and Haley’s Circus, among others. Some of the prints were offered earlier this year at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, but the selection has been expanded for sale online.

You can see some of the posters below, and even more at the DC Collectibles website, where they can be purchased for prices ranging from $19.95 to $34.95.



Personally, I would rather buy an original, numbered piece from an actual artist than corporate merchandising.

That’s one of the most asinine comments I’ve ever read. Would the print be an original character, or something that involes someone else’s?

These are kind of underwhelming. Minimal but not capturing the essence of the idea.

Some of them are good, like they are trying to minimise the geek factor so you can frame them and put them in your living room etc don’t understand why they didn’t add some new 52 covers though

That face the court will be ordered tonight.

@ Mr. Pants

Do you really care?


Yeah, I do because if your’re buying an Aquaman print, you’re still feeding corporate machine and not supporting an artist.

@ Mr. Pants


So, if I buy a print off an artist’s website or from them directly at an Artist’s Alley, even one of a Marvel/DC character; a purchase that puts money directly into their pocket for rent, food, supplies, etc. – that’s the same as buying one of the above from DC

Yup, you lost me there.

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