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DC Comics spoils Joker reveal, irks Greg Capullo

From "Batgirl" #14, by Ed Benes

Despite the best efforts of the Batman creative team to keep the Joker’s new look under wraps, DC Comics spoiled the big reveal Monday with the release of the November solicitations, which show a knife-wielding Clown Prince of Crime front and center on the cover of Batgirl #14. Needless to say, Batman artist Greg Capullo, who redesigned the Dark Knight’s arch-nemesis, was none too pleased.

“As careful as I’ve been to save revealing our new Joker, the powers that be have let it out ahead if our book,” he wrote on Twitter. “Stay tuned fir MY pics. In my younger days, I’d have punched several holes in the walls of my office by now. Rest assured, I will give you terror when I draw him.”

Reintroduced in DC’s New 52 as a homicidal maniac being pursued by police, the Joker was last seen in Detective Comics #1 where, imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, the Dollmaker surgically removed his face. Although much of Gotham presumed the Joker dead, last month DC released a grisly promo image teasing his return in October’s Batman #13, which kicks off the “Death of the Family” crossover (a nod to the 1988-89 story arc in which the Joker killed the second Robin, Jason Todd). That image, of a piercing blue eye peering out of the darkness and through the carved-off face of the classic villain, was followed by the cover for Issue 13, which depicts the partially obscured face of the Joker reflected in a hand mirror.

Capullo’s own cover for November’s Batman #14 (below) only reveals the character from the back — “This was the most I wanted to show you all,” the artist said on Twitter — while Ed Benes’ Batgirl illustration provides a largely unobstructed view of the Joker’s new look, which includes a leather head strap, presumably to keep the skin in place. “Try not to look at it,” Capullo cautioned. “Wait for ours if you can.”

“The more I’ve thought about the Joker leak, the more I began thinking that it may have been for the best,” he continued. “The fact is, the way Scott [Snyder] and I will give you the Joker may have been too much for some with out this diluted sample hitting the web. DC, rightly so, had concerns about our images and story. Perhaps they leaked this intentionally to test the waters or to acclimate your minds to what is coming from us. Team Batman knows how to do one thing. Destroy. So, even if you do see the leak, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Trust me. I’m still not going to reveal my sketches. I won’t let this incident blow the whole works. Be patient. Terror is heading your way.”

Batman #13 goes on sale Oct. 10.

Batman #14, by Greg Capullo

Batgirl #14, by Ed Benes



Oooh. A headbelt. That’s totally scary. DC wins again!
And when I say win, I mean lose.

Mr. J. looks to be in fine (i.e. his usual mad self) form. Too bad DC fumbled this one, would have made for a great surpriise come this fall.

Look again Rollo–the belt is holding up his smile. That’s pretty freakin’ creepy if you ask me.

I have faith that its gonna be awesome. but the skinned face, now being basically duct taped on… doesn’t exactly excite me im sure the story and characterization will be great, but they really need to do something about that face. probably never should have let Tony Daniel do it in the first place.

Great now he’s part-leather face. XD

I noticed they revealed it too, and i thought it couldn’t have been with Capullo’s consent, especially since it wasn’t yet revealed in Batman. But honestly I don’t care, i’m still buying the books and really looking forward to the story. Crazy ass Joker…

…is Joe’s Garage really so obscure a reference that nobody else is noticing it?

Ramone, it’s not rhe belt, it’s a couple of straps that go over the ears.

He’s the only person who cares.

DC once again screws up a sure thing.

As I tweeted to Greg Capullo yesterday, I have to say that as a fan, this doesn’t spoil it for me. If anything, it really gets me excited to see what’s coming. I learned a long time ago not to trust cover art, especially on offshoot titles.

I’m still eagerly anticipating Mssrs. Capullo & Snyder’s new Joker.

Wow — such grisly subject matter, such beautiful artwork! Capullo is incredible.

And I was able to avoid all the spoilers until I came to Robot 6 and it’s the very first thing I see. Congrats.

Just read it when its released. DC is afraid that the complainers on the message
boards will start crying and not accept the Joker’s new look.
Batman is in capable hands, so I’m sure its going to be a great


August 14, 2012 at 8:55 am

Let’s see

Micromanaging George Perez to the point of frustration: Check
Spoiling Capullo’s storyline: Check
Shameless plug in Joe Kubert’s obit: Check
Generally failing with the New 52 – shuffling creative teams, alienating fans, canceling titles: Check

DC is quite a cluster these days. Total Busch league company at the moment

Joker’s face should have been in silhouette on the Batgirl cover. Fail.

OTOH, Capullo’s cover for Batman #13 is amazing. Winning!

I mean Batman #14. Duh.

So the Joker’s face is being held on by straps? That’s supposed to be “terror”? Much ado about nothing.

Batgirl’s cover doesn’t really give you a good look at Joker, so I still have faith that Capullo can create a terrifying Joker.

I trust that Capullo’s joker is far more appropriately creepy than this.

I blame those terrifying straps for chasing DC’s only good writer away

I also feel “none too pleased.” Joker looks RETARDED!

He looks like he ripped off Leatherface’s look from A Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The “New 52″ Strikes OUT again!

Is the the smile being pulled back by stitching?

Mad = Clueless… The Joker redesign was totally unnecessary. Ditto for the rest of DC’s characters.

The probably all along has been, and still is, DC editorial and the stable of writers. The situation hasn’t changed with the cosmetic changes and buddy system still well in place at BOTH DC and Marvel.


I’m totally in agreement with you.

DC is pathetic…

They’re being propped by fanboys who can’t stand to have gaps in their collections and people satisfied with overpriced mediocrity.

This is by far the worst I’ve seen DC in my lifetime.

THAD: Why is Joe’s Garage significant? You think it’s a reference to Joe Quesada? Or Frank Zappa?

I see Alfred on one of the TV’s…are we assuming the Joker knows Bruce is Batman?

@Jim Deal – I’m guessing Thad was thinking Joe Kerr as the reference?

Delete my Comment,

” Micromanaging George Perez to the point of frustration: Check
Spoiling Capullo’s storyline: Check
Shameless plug in Joe Kubert’s obit: Check
Generally failing with the New 52 – shuffling creative teams, alienating fans, canceling titles: Check”

DC is quite a cluster these days. Total Busch league company at the moment

Publisher DC COMICS

36.55% Market Share
By Units No 1

32.71% Market Share
By Dollars No 1


Delete your comments Check

What’s the big deal? Joker got his face cut off, Joker obviously isn’t going to fight Batman with a bare skull. I stopped reading DC’s superhero stuff a long time ago and have only kept up with the latest info through talking with friends, and, yet, the minute I heard he was coming back, I guessed this look pretty accurately. I missed the belt being used as a headband, but, other than that, it seemed pretty obvious to me. I’m not sure something can be a considered a “spoiler” if they telegraph it so blatantly, so far in advance.

Same here, Eric.

Note to Robot6: Next time you write about a someone else’s spoiler, try not to spoil things yourselves.


August 14, 2012 at 10:47 am


I was referring to the general amateurism that pervades DC these days. They’ve done other things with the New 52 and Before Watchmen that are hackneyed and generally unprofessional. If you’ve followed the New 52, they made early promises about creative teams and titles getting canceled, promises that were broken.

So your sales argument really has nothing to do with the amateur-hour environment at DC right now

We won’t even get into the fact that they have recycled ALL kinds of talent from the 90’s, and have adopted a 90’s kind of approach to the marketing and content of their books lately

Ranger thinks popularity and profit automatically= quality….check

Ranger owns ever Justin Bieber album because they must be the epitome of music….check

Delete my comment,

“Spoiling Capullo’s storyline: Check”

Spoiling the entire storyline by giving away Joker´s new face? Really? The ENTIRE storyline is spoiled by this? I certainly expect more of the story than just a new face for the Joker but you, apparantly, think this is going to consist of single page spreads featuring the Joker in various poses, including a cross-dressing bikini shot.

And, hey, since when is thisCapullo’s storyline only? Isn´t that rather insulting to Scott Snyder or do you simply not rate writers?

Delete your Comment? Oh, no – let´s leave it here for everyone to see.

Terror? The only thing the Joker makes me feel is boredom.

Marvel has villains like the Red Skull and Dr. Doom.
DC’s top two bad guys are the Joker and Lex Luthor. Yawn.

IS anyone not thinking what I am about Joe’s Garage. They said Joe Chill was never caught. JOE’s garage. I’m calling it here that The Joker is now Joe Chill in the New 52!

Capullo’s art is nice, but the redesign looks stupid and was really pointless. But a spoiler? Have they been hiding his face or alluding to some deep plot point, like the Joker running through a list of Batman’s closest allies for a new face that he can take and wear)? I don’t think so (Snyder’s not THAT good of a writer, plus that’s already Jane Doe’s schtick, and Hush kind of did it to Bruce Wayne, so not too original). I read Snyder’s Detective Comics before the New 52 and his Swamp Thing after it, both of which were overrated and drawn-out. The only redeeming factor for each was the art team. Then, all of that ‘Court of Owls’ stuff was just stupid. So, basically, I have absolutely no faith in this arc being any good either.

So he got his face cut off so he could wear it? not even for the joker does that make sense

This might work if Joker is just wearing his old face in order to cover up a new face. Maybe Joe Chill’s face so he can have the face of the guy who killed Bruce’s parents. Although Chill has been dead for awhile so it would be a rotten old face.


I agree that Snyder is a bit overrated. I enjoyed Black Mirror, but much of that enjoyment came from the newness of Dick being Batman. I think the court of owls was meant as a Dick Grayson Batman story. They were all bad guys from his circus and it ends with Batman fighting what ammounts to a Bruce Wayne clone. I certainly think it would have worked better with Dick Grayson as Batman. Dick fighting his own bad guys from his own origins, then beating a Bruce copy, making Dick a better Batman than ever. Instead we got Bruce cleaning up Dick’s house and then beating a crappier version of himself, which isn’t that big of an accomplishment for Bruce.

Everyone’s hating on DC….but look at Marvel’s comic division….you can’t brag about that crap. DC has made some mistakes but their comics are much better than Marvel right now.

Just draw the damn book. Let DC decide how they choose to market their property.

@Jacko – I could totally see that. Chill dead or not dead before – this is New Fitty Too, where continuity is only kinda-sorta intact in Bats’ and GLs’ stories.

It would also be another of the things we’ve been seeing from Snyder, where everone and everything is all connected back to the past. I really dug Black Mirror and Gates, but it’s getting a bit predictable now that everything relates back to everything (or at least something) that’s come before. There’s been virtually no significant happenings in Gotham City that don’t, in some way, connect to the Wayne family. Or the Cobblepots. Or whatever. So, it couldn’t just be some street thug that gunned down Tom and Marth, yeah?

On the other hand, that sits wrong because it’s so close to the Jack Napier / Tim Burton Joker.
Who knows? Sound enough prediction, though.

Jacko’s call would also lend a double meaning to ‘Death of the Family’ (assuming the terror rends the bat-family asunder, blahblahblah).

Really wish they’d never let him cut his face off, they could’ve done a million different things to revamp the joker, seems like they wrote themselves into a corner

The Joker hasn’t been interesting since they decided to make him a one-note serial killer.

And if characters like the Red Skull and Doctor Doom are supposed to give Marvel greater cred than DC, I weep for the industry.

Hell, I weep for it anyway. These all just seem like the last gasps before someone shuts off the ventilator.

The event is “Death of the Family”…”In” was the 90s

Hmmm….Joker cuts off his face only to wear it again (somehow)?

What´s the point?

@ Delete / Really,

Guys, I have been collecting and reading comics since 1965…. (I have more than 30K books in my collection)…I was first and foremost a Marvel fan, DC became a sideline collection in the late 70’s and only for a short space of time, so I have seen and read more than my share, you might remember the 90’s but I remember the 80’s 70’s and most of the 60’s…Wolverine ad nauseam took me off the Marvel bandwagon and I really have never gotten back on…Joey Q was another reason I took a step back from Marvel.

When DC’s Flashpoint appeared it sort of intrigued me..I bought all the books and read them all…a few hits and misses …but as a whole I enjoyed these totally different characters and character settings. When the New 52 appeared, I did the same and was surprised in that I found myself transported back to those days in ’68 when every Marvel book I bought had something to offer….sometimes excellent..sometimes good ….sometimes ehh.
DC in my opinion decided that throwing the baby out with the bathwater was what was needed. I for one am glad they did…I buy all 52 books every month….and really enjoy what I am reading, I’m letting this new universe unfold as all of us should.
Comic books are a dying breed but to see the constant stream of same old same old from Marvel and the now behind the scenes dictate that Disney and the movies are putting on the books, I cringe. When Axel says the Marvel Now books are giving us dedicated writers and artists as a selling point, I ask were these writers and artists not dedicated before ?? And really, The Uncanny Avengers as a book title, the original X-Men coming back, Deadpool as a power title, it reminds me when my Dad thought he could be as cool as his teenage sons but would always go back into his comfort zone when the party was over.
The DC books are selling, and some things coming down the pike heighten my interest even more. People like yourselves who have nothing good to say are not in the majority and I really wonder where you can get off commenting on things you can have no idea about…I take it you both do not work or have some input to the behind the scenes goings on in the industry.
Marvel has lost it’s edge, when I read the interviews, I see a bunch of guys who are being fed a Disney mandate and then try to act like this has been the mantra long before. All Marvel is doing right now is putting lipstick on a pig….we all know this is a business and sales are the bottom line, now that Marvel is losing ground Disney is and will more than ever start dictating the Marvel direction and while DC may have some growing pains with this new 52, and I for one will give them time to grow. Marvel is the guy who still lives with his parents and has to follow their rules cause he ain’t leaving home anytime soon, and I have no patience with guys like that, no balls and Disney well I have no respect for them whatsoever, though they have no reason to be intimidated by my opinion.

@Really… I detest Justin Beiber BUT he is making a lot more money than you will ever see and while you hit out at people from your basement computer desk, Justin could gve a fuck about what we think…like everything else the bottom line is the bottom line.

Comicbook Manchild

August 14, 2012 at 1:54 pm

They aren’t even original enough to come up with a new idea. They are just doing a mash-up of Leatherface and Joker. I can’t wait for the next writer to send Mr.J on a quick trip to Retcon-Land via a quick dip in the Lazarus Pit.

Synder’s the best Batman writer in years (better than Morrison), we should give him a chance with this.

It looks to me like he is wearing his old face over his new face so his new face isn’t even revealed yet I assumed this is all for laughs.

I think it looks stupid. I feel like the Joker has been done to death as it is, and the fact that he has a belt holding his face on doesn’t really add anything to the character IMO. But I’m just one opinion among thousands of others; an opinion that should only be taken seriously if you want it to be.

I’m with Greg. I was pissed off too when I saw the Batgirl cover yesterday. Perhaps some 20-something intern is responsible for this mess.


this looks eppic cant wait to see what they do with red hood

Hey Matt, do you happen to be a 20-something intern?

no i’m “waaaah”-ing all the posts on here. fanboy rage is so amusing….


Follow your own moniker and flush your complaints. Market share indicates that the public is buying the nuDC, aside from the bellyaching from the select few messageboard denizens that aren’t happy with much of anything and have pretty much complained themselves right out of validity.

But, by all means, continue the fanboy raging. It’s cute. Throw in a “Bring back Steph Brown” whine while you’re at it.

Matt, I think you are confused — this is not AICN. I do believe your post is the first and last time anyone will ever type out “waaahhhh” in a CBR comments section.

@ Ranger-

First and foremost: Get over yourself.
You are allowed to have an opinion and comment, but I am not because I don’t “work or have some input behind the scenes in the industry”? What company are you working for right now that you have the privilege of commenting and I do not? How do you know who I am anyway? Are you SURE I am not in the industry?
Besides that ANYONE has input- it’s called money.
I don’t care that Flashpoint intrigued you. I bought it. I read it. I was disappointed…I bought the New 52 books for a while. I buy ONE now. There is only ONE book I find worth reading.
Prey tell, what exactly is so NEW about the NEW 52? It’s all rehashed story ideas, characterizations, art and designs from the 90’s.

Why is it that EVERY TIME there is ever a discussion or criticism about DC, MARVEL is brought up? This isn’t about MARVEL…at all. The fact you and your ilk ALWAYS seem to do so suggests and implies that there are only two choices out there, and so when talking about one, YOU HAVE TO mention the other…even if the criticism has NOTHING to do with anything said. It’s nonsensical and moronic.
You go after Disney quite a bit…you don’t think Time Warner is interfering at DC at all? You think it only happens to Marvel? That’s some real biased and delusional rationalization. Your ranting about the big bad corporate bogey man is hilarious, but pathetic…especially considering the lack of evidence you have to suggest that Disney is calling the shots in any way, shape or form at Marvel OR that there is even correlation or causation between Marvel’s supposed lack of quality and Disney.
So forget Marvel. My dislike for the New 52 has NOTHING to do with MARVEL. In FACT it’s all about my LOVE of DC…which has now faded fast away.

What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular. I don’t care if everyone else likes it. It doesn’t affect my opinion at all.
And it’s a BULLSHIT defense, as I have shown. Millions of people buy that teen pop shit. Tons of money is made. Doesn’t mean it is good. At all or in the slightest.
Where do I get off? I’ve been reading comic books for a long ass time.
I’m a creator myself.
I am a human being with a vested interest in fictional characters.
I get off the same place you do in stating my opinion, only I don’t get off the short bus.

You got really upset there that I even suggested you like Mr. Beiber. A little too upset really, which makes me question some things…and then went straight to the tired old “computer posting in basement” crap. Wow, How original- No wonder why you think the New 52 is fantastic and problem free. I don’t care about Bieber and don’t care what he thinks about me or what he even thinks about. His music SUCKS but sells like crazy…which according to your logic in the argument you presented automatically equals quality. “People like blood sausage” (And you have no idea how much money I make, but intellectually you seem to be of the sort- the lower end of existence- that does nothing but assume, rationalize and have a hard time grasping logic)
Beyond that, yes the bottom line is the bottom line. But the point is made, and stands, that the bottom line defense is a weak, shallow and pointless one. The masses consume crap by the ton that is shoveled to them.

I think the real terrifying reveal, which hasn’t been spoiled at all, is what he looks like when he isn’t wearing his face.

Why can’t we all shut up and enjoy our comics?


August 14, 2012 at 9:07 pm


Garbage in, garbage out. Comparing DC to Marvel is a joke – because most of the books at Marvel right now are rubbish also. The quality in comics has gone down the tubes – the laughable recycling of ideas, strip-mining of characters and properties, and the endless parade of gimmicks is a complete joke

And since you continue to want to keep bringing up sales, take a look at the sales for most of the New 52 books are now. Other than the top 10 or so books, the sales are a joke – and this just months after the relaunch, and all the hype and publicity that went with it

They’re circling the drain right now Ranger. As a fan of comics, I just hope that the trend is somehow reversed

He just looks the same way he always does. So he’s wearing an ugly lather thing on his face, big difference.

Looks terrible. Completely unneccessary redesign.

So when he says “redesigned”, he means “drew a belt around the head of the traditional Joker design and called it a day”?

Maybe it’s not the Joker but an other person (Joe Chill?) DRESSED as the Joker?

The hair on the cover of the person isn’t green! On the television there’s a picture of Alfred…
Maybe this person isn’t the real Joker but some impersonater..

I think that DC messed up by having crappy Tony Daniel do such a major change to a iconic character. And since they had just started over with the new 52, they are being stubborn and don’t want to have to change something already in the new presentation.

Penguin Truth
August 14, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Synder’s the best Batman writer in years (better than Morrison), we should give him a chance with this.

So agree with that comment. Synder will kick ass so there’s nothing to worry about and everything to look forward to. If you can find issues with cover art then I don’t know what would impress you and you should probably not read too much into things.

Best part of that Batman #14 cover? Part of the car battery is blacked out by the Joker, so it just says “die.” That got a chuckle out of me.

i the whole concept of the Joker having his face cut off seemed like a bas idea from the get go.

wonder if that’s why Tony Daniel is leaving Detective Comics?



Joker, seriously, the face thing? Not Funny. Not scary. Actually kinda goofy.

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