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DC goes Nokia-exclusive on its Dark Knight Rises prologue

DC Comics announced The Dark Knight Rises prequel comic on Friday:

Can’t get enough of the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy? Then download THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: PROLOGUE app from DC Comics, sponsored by Nokia and available on Nokia Windows Phone devices. The app features an exclusive motion-comic from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Jimenez that serves as a prologue to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES film. The app also include social media share options and links to other apps tied to the film.

Wait, what?

… sponsored by Nokia and available on Nokia Windows Phone devices.

Apparently those folks who jumped on the iPhone and Android fads won’t be able to read this comic, because it’s exclusive to Nokia phones. Response in the comments on the DC site ranges from dismay to … more dismay (although inevitably, That Guy shows up to tell everyone that he has a Lumia and it kicks the iPhone’s ass).

I checked in with DC to see if other versions are in the offing. Signs point to no: DC’s Brandy Phillips responded, “Nokia is a key promotional partner for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES film and also sponsored the production of ORIGINS and PROLOGUE apps so we have no plans to release the apps on other platforms at this time.”

DC and Nokia have a longtime partnership, so this isn’t too surprising, but Alex Gerage of calls it a “wasted opportunity,” saying, “To offer a prologue comic to a film a month after its release, on a provider with an assumedly small market share seems, well, pointless.”

For those of you who want to live vicariously, here’s a brief review of the comic.

As an extra treat for Nokia owners, DC has also released a Batman: Origins Nokia app that features the comics in which all the characters made their first appearances.



that is just plain stupid…

Really? That’s a brilliant idea!!
“Hey!! Let’s spend money on a marketing campaign that almost no one will be able to see!!!!”

is it gonna have snake on it?

Ah that’s awesome. Nokias are sweet.

Someone will record it and put it on Youtube or some other site on the web. Everyone will get to see it eventually.

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