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Frank Cho is apparently drawing a new Shanna series for Marvel

Although he refers to it as “my secret Marvel project,” Frank Cho labeled this image as “Shanna cover art progress.” Could Marvel be adding a third, female-starring series to its roster alongside Captain Marvel and Red She-Hulk? Cho’s already done two Shanna miniseries for Marvel (in 2005 and 2007), so this is likely another one of those, but how cool would it be if it’s something longer?

As for the cover itself, Cho drew the entire thing with a BIC ball-point pen in about five days. He also states that “the final cover has been ‘editorially tweaked’ and will not exactly look like this art.”



BIC Pen? Mother of…
that’s exrta amazing.

I know, right?

I’ve been wondering what he’d be doing next… wish he’d do some DC stuff.

I wonder if he’s even got any interest in DC? The last he did was a Freedom Fighters page in the “World’s Funniest” one shot. Honestly I’d rather he get back to getting the Liberty Meadows storyline finished.


August 6, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Everyone remember how the first Shanna series that Cho did was supposed to be a Max title – then it got neutered by Marvel so they could appeal to more readers

I do

I remember him doing a great pinup of, I think, the Golden Age Wonder Woman (during that John Byrne-era retcon where modern-age Queen Hippolyta had gone back in time and fought alongside the Justice Society) for a WONDER WOMAN SECRET FILES & ORIGINS special years and years ago. Never knew about the Freedom Fighters thing, but Phantom Lady would seem a natural fit for his style.

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