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Grant & Trevallion bring Ratfink back to Judge Dredd Megazine

Inside the new issue of 2000AD is the above teaser for the lead strip in next month’s  Judge Dredd Megazine (scan via ECBT2000AD). Any day with news of upcoming art by Tiernen Trevallion is a good day, so I tracked him down to his local golf club and ruthlessly extracted the following preview page from him:

Ratfink is the last scion of classic Dredd antagonists the Angel Gang, and clearly crazier than a bagful of wet cats. Ratfink’s Revenge will run for three issues, and is written by the great Alan Grant. Just for fun, here’s a scan of an old Titan album cover, a lesser-spotted Jamie Hewlett piece, that featured the exploits of Ratfink’s dad, Fink Angel and his uncle Mean Machine.



I look forward to his return. I’m loving the attention you guys are giving to The Galaxy’s Greatest, recently!

I could’ve sworn I was looking at some Duncan Fegredo art for a sec there.

Loving the attention as well, however Im pretty sure Ratfink isnt the only Angel Left

I think Pa, Jnr and Mean are still locked up in the cubes somewhere as per the 3 Amigos Story

Budge, Mean was finally lobotomized and released into the care of his son in “Fifty Year Man,” prog 1536.

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