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It’s Jack Kirby’s birthday, and everybody is celebrating!

Jack Kirby would have been 95 today, and celebrations are breaking out all over the comics blogosphere. Here’s a quick guide; feel free to post more links in comments.

• Tom Spurgeon, as always, has a comprehensive lineup of panels and pages and videos.

• Follow the Twitter hashtag #WakeUpAndDraw today to see birthday cards created by 100 different artists to benefit The Hero Initiative, which will auction off the originals in the near future.

• Today’s a good day to buy yourself some comics: Kirby’s granddaughter Jillian Kirby has started the Kirby4Heroes campaign, in which comics stores donate a percentage of their sales from today to The Hero Initiative.

• Diversions of the Groovy Kind celebrates with splash pages — lots of ‘em!

• John Kane sets off some visual fireworks with a roundup of Kirby’s sound effects at The Savage Critics.

• Richard Bruton narrows his focus to Kirby’s Mister Miracle comics at the Forbidden Planet blog.

• Steven Brower meditates on the genius of Jack Kirby at The Kirby Effect, the blog of the Jack Kirby Museum.

• And finally, stand up and be counted, because it’s Read Comics in Public Day — for everyone!



I’ve posted a comic about Jack Kirby’s role in The Battle of Dornot.

God save the King – Kirby Lives! ;)

Happy Birthday Jack!

..and thank you.

The Grand Comics Database facebook page is celebrating Jack Kirby’s birthday also, with a cover gallery of all Jack Kirby covers in the GCD.

Tom Scioli, Whaaaaaattt :p

Kiby lives on through us!

Don’t forget all the cool and fun Kirby portraits at the KirbyMuseum site! Mine is on sale and all proceeds will be donated to the HERO Initiative.

Happy birthday, Jack! And THANK YOU.

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