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Look at these jam pieces by Joe Kubert and many, many others

As the comics community continues to process the news of Joe Kubert’s death, everything else feels very secondary. One way of honoring the legendary artist and teacher is by appreciating his art, and the art of his peers. Steve Niles discovered this series of art jams featuring a Kubert Hawkman alongside Wendy Pini’s Elfquest characters, Neal Adams’ Conan, Dave Cockrum’s Human Torch, and others. The rest of the jams include characters drawn by C.C. Beck, John Romita, John Byrne, George Perez, Gray Morrow, Dave Sim, Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Curt Swan, Jim Aparo, Milton Caniff, Hal Foster, Al Williamson, Chester Gould, and the list goes on and on.

I don’t know the history behind these pieces, but it occurs to me that many of these comics legends are still with us. In addition to saying our good-byes to Mr. Kubert and offering appreciations of his work, another great way to honor his legacy might be to reach out and express similar appreciation to living creators whose work we love.



Pieces like these remind me why I loved comics as a kid. There’s just so much joy in all of it!

Oh! My! God!
Best. Jam. Pieces. I ever saw!
Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer! Murphy Anderson’s Buck Roger! Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury! Etc.!

Such unmatched beauty and economy of line. That drawing of Batman in the second last one is so cool.

Oops that Batman one is Jim Avaro’s. Sorry.

I mean Aparo… not Avaro… I’m calling it a night :(

It’s always great to see Dave Cockrum’s work, but I thought Firelord was an odd choice. Then I see his Blackhawk (yay!) inked by John Severin! As a fan of Cockrum, Severin *and* Blackhawk, I thought the ride had come to an stop.

Then I see Curt Swan’s Superman inked by Wally Wood and… whew. Just incredible.

I can’t wait to read the story behind these.

Swan and Wood! Oh, man, would I loved to have seen that on a regular basis.

To Oculus: Think that’s the GA Human Torch in artjam 1. Dave’s stuff is awesome!

Wait–a Blue Beetle convention sketch by Steve Ditko? Holy fuck.

These were commissioned by Martin Greim in the ’70s/’80s. He was/is clearly liked by these pros…these are some of the nicest commissions I’ve seen, including several from notoriously difficult gets (you won’t find too many Dave Stevens Rocketeers out there.) They were sold through Heritage Auctions a few years ago.

Wow!!! These are absolutely amazing. As someone who collects convention sketches & commissions, I really, really enjoyed having the opportunity to see these. Thanks for posting them.

@e. craig- Yes, it sure is. I must have had those X-Men issues in mind.

Can anyone ID the artist on Doll Man? I can’t make out the signature. And is that a Michael Golden Ant-Man?

It ain’t too hard for them to jam: The person that had the vision and tenacity to assemble these wins the title of Greatest Con Sketchbook Ever :D Just a stunning, staggering visual document.

Wow! Those are awesome!

There are some great motorcycles in those drawings.

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