Robot 6

One of these robots is happier than the other

I was trying to decide which of these robot drawings to share and decided that I couldn’t decide. So here they both are.

Film and animation artist Sam Filstrup was commissioned to create an awesome drawing of Atomic Robo about to have a dino-bomb dropped on his head; artist Gavin Spence (Hero Happy Hour) came up with an equally groovy robot in much more joyful circumstances. I don’t know which I like better, but I sure know which I’d rather be.



This message is exclusively for those of you not currently reading Atomic Robo:

Shame on you.
Ha ha! Suckers! You’re missing out! Only the cool kids read Atomic Robo.

@Rollo Tomassi



I got a wee fright when I saw this had been posted here. Obviously my pic pales in comparison to the beauty of Sam Filstrup’s work – as Sam is clearly a proper artist. Still, thanks!


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