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Phil Jimenez’s JLA/Transformers crossover pitch was undeniably ‘epic’

From the annals of “Oh, What Might’ve Been” comes this doozy, courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis: art from Phil Jimenez ‘s pitch for a Justice League/Transformers crossover that, for some reason, never came about.

“Oh, what an epic that would have been,” Jimenez wrote last night on Twitter, saying to one follower, “You missed out on Wonder Woman’s invisible jet becoming a very cool Transformer.” You can get a peek of that in the image above, along with an enormous Bat-former and, perhaps best of all, Optimus Prime as a Green Lantern. (He added this morning, “Giving credit where credit is due: the idea for Optimus Prime as a GL was none other than [IDW Publishing Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall’s].”

Jimenez also dusted off another piece of art featuring Prime wielding his power ring and Megatron clutching Superman’s tattered cape, which you can see below. Hopefully the artist will offer more details about the pitch, and why it never went anywhere.



Optimus Prime + Green Lantern. My mind is blown.

While I’m usually not a fan of Jimenez but sweet god it’s refreshing to see the DC characters actually look like themselves instead of Wildstorm characters failing at cosplay. Good to see non Bayformed Transformers to.

Sounds like it would have been something fun and unpretentious. The idea of Prime and Superman teaming up would be many a childhood afternoon spent mixing my Super Powers collection with other toylines come to life for me. I even had once had a “plot” where Brainiac took over a Shogun warrior (Great Mazinger actually). lol.

Damn, that is some great art and probably would have been a fun read. Could you just imagine hearing Peter Cullen saying the Green Lantern oath in his Optimus voice.

I would have loved to have read this, to bad, so sad.

I’m just going to blame this for not happening on DC because they are against fun. This needs to be revived and fast.

W.W. with an invisible Jet/Transformer..brilliant !

WTF DC!? Marvel is circling you like VULTURES_ a CROSSOVER THIS EPIC would have REVIVED INTEREST IN ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS!!! Who are your marketing people?! What the hell are they doing?!

I would have loved to have read this, I’d buy it in a second. The artwork is great and I’m a sucker for anything Transformers, especially crossovers. And really why not, IDW and DC already published that Legion/Star Trek crossover so why not something that’s actually cool?!

Tom Fitzpatrick

August 30, 2012 at 8:22 am

Considering the JLA/Titans crossover that Phil Jimenez did some years back, he’d would done a terrific job on this.

To Jimenez: Still waiting on OTHERWORLD vol. 2

OMG. What is WRONG with DC???

That this will never exist makes me want to cry.

I’d buy the hell out of this, so I’m not surprised DC passed on it.

Sure it would have been better than the New Avengers/Transformers crossover published in 2007. Damn!!

This needs to happen!!!!

The One and Only

August 30, 2012 at 9:13 am

I wonder if DC rejected it because the it’s set pre-Flashpoint ,and Dan Dildo think it might confuse readers of the DCnU. Wth the success of Star Trek/LOSH, which was also set in the Pre-DCnU, with this one with all the big DC guns, I still can’t see why anyone with half a brain why this was shut down. It would’ve really showed up the rotten TRANSFORMERS/AVENGERS crossover from a few years back.

Also Mr. Jimenez, got any idears for an INHUMANOIDS story, pitch that to IDW. I’d buy that in heartbeat, and I know a lot of peopole that would scoop that up in a heartbeat.


August 30, 2012 at 9:16 am

Red Lantern GRIMLOCK!

DC passed on this because they secretly HATE comics and fun.

Well, not secretly. Their track record of late proves that.

Or – surprise – it could’ve been on IDW’s licensing end (have you heard the horror stories of Hasbro and GIJoe?). The jump that it’s automatically DC’s fault is exactly why Bendis posted it in the first place.


This could have been the most awesome comic series ever. I would have bought every variant cover, plus the trades.

The “DiDio/Johns/Lee/Harras DC” is always surprising me…. in a negative way.

I think that there may have been legal issues preventing this from happening. Remember, that Hasbro, who distributes Transformers here in the United States, has a licensing partnership with Marvel Comics, while Mattel has DC. In fact, Hasbro has made a few Marvel/Transformers Crossover toys akin to their Star Wars Transformers.

I can’t imagine that Marvel would have approved of their licensing partner crossing over with a competitor, nor would Mattel approve.

This looks so much better than that lousy Avengers / Transformers crossover. Maybe it’s the art. The art for Avengers / TF was terrible.

So… from left to right behind the DC Trinity (aged Batman!) we have…

1) Aquaman vs. Seacons and what looks to be a Pretender, if not both parts of an underwater-dwelling Pretender.

2) What appears to be a new, Rodimus-like Transformer, possibly a Superman-based transformer, given the red, cloth-like neck (not Starscream as he’s accounted for in the central panel)

3) Batformer and Robin with the typical Autobot cars (Prowl and the twins) vs. Menasaur (Stunticons), Bludgeon and Octane.

4) Megatron, Ramjet, Starscream and Thundercracker with Unicron’s hand replacing the DCU hand of creation attempting to grasp earth (AWESOME IMAGERY!)

5) Mirage, Arcee (yay!) and Ratchet with Greco-Femme Invisible Jet-Former on Paradise Island

6) Flash racing an Insecticon swarm

7) GL Optimus with the GL Corps.

Overall, incredible. Suspiciously missing Bumblebee, who is probably hanging with Snapper Carr.

is this some kind of a joke?

why in the hell would they pass on this?

look at that image!


Before anyone jumps on “Hate on DC” bandwagon, when Hasbro was shopping out the license for Transformers comcs Marvel was rude and hateful toward Hasbro and Transformers, Quesada had mocked and ripped Transformers open while DC was one of the suiitors that courted Hasbro and promised Hasbro they would integrate Tansformers into DCU. In the end IDW won the license and Marvel recanted their stance on Transformers. Funny enough I doubt DC would cancel one of the highest sellng comic that out ranked X-men and Spder-Man in the 80’s like Marvel did because according to them ” a licensed property should NOT sell more copies than any Marvel’s IPs”. So DC passing up on this has nothing to do with DCU editors or is trying to ruin their comics, in fact Hasbro might have sad no or IDW had no choice but to refuse.

But I suppose it’s fun to hate than to leave it be which is sad really beacuse if B.M.Bendis is doing this to rip on DC he’s being shallow because half his work is crap (note: not Marvel as a whole, just Bendis).

Turning down Prime as a Green Lantern? Looks like DC hates money. . . .


August 30, 2012 at 2:44 pm

Batformers > Bayformers

JLAutobots > New 52

@Squashua that Pretender is Submarauder, whose background was being aquatic. He was part of the first wave of Pretenders in the 1988 line and was used in the Japanese series, “Transformers: Super God Masterforce”, where he was known as Gilmer.

Oh well–as Dan Hartman’s song states. “I Can Dream About You”.

Optimus would probably be Blue Lantern now.

Clearly DC Comics hates happiness and hates making their fans happy. It’s better to make them suffer. Tis their lot in life.

i would have happily gave them my money for this

never heard of that,care to give a source?or is it your opinion?

THIS. –this would have been epic. would rather Perez drew it, but this would have been an awesome crossover….

DC, you have got to try to get this going with IDW and Hasbro again.

Just change it now to match the New 52 material.

This seriously needs to happen. I know a whole bunch of non comic readers who would buy this just based on the concept alone!

@Xenos man, that is bullshit. however, your right that the current DCU does not care and with this blasphemous new 52 mess-up.
*sigh* Damn, I really miss the the real DCU

I am wondering if that second panel has something to do with either J’ohn J’onzz or Cyborg, as each of the panels represents the JLA’s top seven.

Also, the sight of Megatron destroying the Fortress of Solitude. Epic stuff.

DC could at least do this as an ElseWorlds event, and perhaps show us how the New Avengers/Transformers cross over should have been done properly.

Didio!! *shakes fist*

ironically, that’s the mashup shirt we are running this week on the website, Joker/Decepticons…check it out…

Earle DL Foster

June 29, 2013 at 4:00 pm

With respect to the management hierachy in DC Comics, one humble consumer cannot comprehend why such a mind-blowing concept was eventually disregarded. Phil Jimenez has certainly put his artistic heart and soul into this particular endeavour, which is what makes these few graphic remnants so precious to visualise, and most likely print off and collectibly treasure. One can only hope that the enterprise will somehow be resurrected at some available stage, if not in the near future, at least sometime hopefully soon.

my petition to get this published is up and running copy and paste or sign here at the link

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