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Quote of the Day #2 | Pool … Deadpool?

“Some of you are against celebrities making comics, but @thebrianposehn’s art is wonderful & Roger Moore’s scripts are hilarious.”

– television and comics writer Gerry Duggan, following the release of the above teaser from Marvel
trumpeting the creative team for a new Deadpool series (that’s Duggan and Brian Posehn writing,
and Tony Moore illustrating, as far as you know)



If Sir Roger Moore wrote Deadpool comics, I’d buy them

I was only buying Deadpool for kids in my class to read, but now I might get it for myself.

Good group! Looking forward to this!

Oh, good. Another Deadpool series! That can go with the 15 Avengers series, 22 X-Men series, and 12 Spider-Man series!

The House of Brain-Dead Ideas continues to rock!

I was hoping for Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Julieanne Moore collaborating.

But Roger Moore is acceptable as well.

The important thing is Daniel Way got the boot.

Who’s the celebrity? I’ve never heard of him

@Andrew Brown

Google is your friend.

If he can beat Sean Connery on Celebrity Deathmatch, then he could write Deadpool.

its a relaunch of current series as the current will be end when Way out,so its still 1 series not more

after looking him up, i still don’t know who he is. but I found out they wrote The Last Christmas and that book was awesome. sure wouldn’t call him a celebrity, though

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