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Quote of the Day | ‘An absolute blight on modern culture’

"Watchmen" panels re-lettered using Comic Sans

“What really bugs me is the letter ‘I’ in it because in comic books you only use the capital letter ‘I’, which is the one with the crossbars on it, for the first person pronoun. You never use it as a capitalisation of a word or within a word but I believe in Comic Sans that is the only letter ‘I’ that is available. So the whole thing always looks wrong to me. I think it’s a blight, an absolute blight on modern culture.”

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, whose lettering for the landmark 1986 miniseries helped to inspire
the widely reviled font Comic Sans, on the typographical terror he unwittingly helped to unleash on the world.



It might be more illuminating if you showed the regularly lettered panels to compare.

What Paul said.

‘An absolute blight on modern culture’??? Woh. I thought this would be a thread about NuDC and Jim Lee’s costume designs!

But Gibbons is right. Comic Sans is such an ugly, unusable font. Anyone who uses it is shouting “LOOK! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO TASTE FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN!”

Never understood the amount of outrage leveled at font choices. I’m more interested in the actual words than the font I’m reading them in.

Reminds me of friends who spend so much time/money on audio set-ups (speakers/headphones/amps/whatever) only to listen to crap music .

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