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Quote of the Day | Happy birthday, DC’s New 52

“The New 52 is one year old today! We knew going in that it was a major risk and heard every concern, but we had faith in what we were doing and felt it was the right thing for our characters, company and industry. Needless to say, the relaunch achieved everything we hoped for and more! Thanks to everyone for taking the chance and joining us on this wild ride. We have a month long celebration with Zero Month in September and knowing what we have in store for 2013, its easy for me to say, the best is yet to come.”

– DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, marking one year since the Aug. 31, 2011 debut of Justice League #1
by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, the flagship of the company’s linewide relaunch



Out of all the “new” books, I can count on one hand those that were worth the reboot. I still think they are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

Keep up the good work DC.The reboot really got me excited about DC again. Hats off to them.

One year ago today DC Comics died.

But Wildstorm is still alive.

Jesus, I hope the best is yet to come…

The current DC Comics regime have run one of the biggest publishing houses of comic books into the ground with their numerous bad editorial decisions and mismanagement.

It’s time for them ALL to GO. Time Warner needs to clean house from top to bottom.

Kudos DC for having the guts in taking a huge risk and making old characters fresh again. While it’s true that I may miss some versions of the past, and I may not like a couple of the new versions at all, the truth is I’ve been excited to see where they’ve been going. There have been huge hits and some misses, but when I take a look at my comics purchases, the story is told there. I’m more investied in and buying more titles now than in the few years prior. Ultimately that has to mean something, as the sales are showing. I suspect that even the naysayers are buying more books if for no other reason than to complain. Maybe one day they’ll realize they actually like what’s happening.

“Needless to say, the relaunch achieved everything we hoped for and more! ”


Pretty much half (even more than half) of all titles are garbage.

Dan DiDio and co-publishers Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, you have one more year to fix it or you all will be on ship plank board walking toward the shark-infested sea.

Ed (A Different One)

August 31, 2012 at 10:56 am

I’ve not been following comics news for the better part of a year now, but when I last left off, DC was selling scads of comics in the wake of the reboot and it was widely being held as a commercial, if not critical, success.

Didio’s statement seems reflective of that, but the comments – not so much. What’s happened in the last eight months or so?


August 31, 2012 at 10:58 am

If you look objectively at the history of comics, in the 80’s or so comics alienated kids from reading comics, now they have alienated the adult comics fans as well. I suppose we are shifting from comic books, to the sale and promotion of comic properties – in video games, movies, so on

If you listen carefully to the brass at DC and Marvel – they are well aware of this. They and their corporate bosses fully embrace this new face of “comics”

@Ed: ppl are just complaining about nothing.Ppl that say “this isnt my DC” or”They need to bring the old DC back” are just complaining about change.Which is totally fine,everybody’s entitled to there opinion.But comics are always changing:style,story lines,costumes,levels of violence,etc. Its just now with forums like this every yahoo with a keyboard is a expert.

-Mike T.

People are not complaining about “change” – people are complaining about poor written stories and bad characterization.

To be fair, there are some good titles (Animal Man, Action Comics, Swamp-Thing, Wonder Woman, Batman) – but the vast majority is pure CRAP.

But if you like, good for you.

Also, @Ed, sales have followed their usual pattern, declining at the same rate prior to the relaunch from the spike of last September, without any indication that the pool of available buyers has increased by any measure — which is supposedly what the new 52 launch was all about.

The immediate bottom line is successful — but for the long-term nothing has changed. Even the best-received comics of the line have seen decline.

one mans trash is another mans treasure,Im not gonna argue that. But when i see ppl complaining about “this isnt the real DC” or “I want the old DC back” that’s what irritates me. Cause there is no such thing. What they are really saying is “I want the DC that i know and grew up with”
But the DCU is 70 something years old change is inevitable and necessary.

I like what I’ve seen so far! Yes, the writing could be better and yes, there is some confusion, but there’s ALWAYS bad writing. The main gripe is that this DC is different (which it really isn’t), but that’s from people who’ve clearly never heard of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis or 52. That’s from people who can’t take change. Yes, you have every right to complain and drop books, just as DC has every right to change and drop/add books. Things will most likely go back to normal, eventually. For now, just accept it and enjoy it. Sheesh!

Up til the New 52 I’d never bothered with DC comics in my 30+ years of comic-reading, beyond Swamp Thing and Hellblazer. A year on and I now buy seven titles each month, the line has reinvigorated my love of Swampy and I’ve discovered a number of older DC titles that would have remained unknown to me otherwise. Happy birthday to the best idea DC ever had!

@Mike T.

I agree that change is necessary…… but there’s a difference between “good change” and “bad change”.

My only real complaints are the boring house style of art on the Batman books, resulting in a whole range that visually are just dirge and dont make my pull list. And DC’s policy of no letters pages- this, when coupled with the sheer number of adverts and horrible flimsy paperstock, makes each comic read and feel like a thin try-out pamphlet for the trade collection. Pick up older DC comics- even as recently as the Moench/Jones run on Batman (see? Older books i’d not otherwise have even known existed) and they feel like serious product in their own right, not just a prelude to an expensive bookshelf edition, with a distinct editorial voice and a rapport with the readership.

They can call the next maxi-series “Crisis in DC Editorial.”

How long till the next reboot?

One year later, my reaction to the New 52 is mixed.

I think DC deserve credit for a bold move which has been a commercial success to the surprise of many.

I think they rushed the implementation & that this will hamper medium/ long-term success.

In my humble opinion :-
Successes :- Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Demon Knights, Frankenstein : A.O.S., The Flash, I, Vampire.

Neutrals : Bat-titles, Green Lantern titles, Justice League titles.

Failures : Green Arrow, Hawk & Dove, Stormwatch, Deathstroke, Gritted, Legion Lost, Mr. Terrific, Suicide Squad, Superboy, Blackhawks, Firestorm, Teen Titans, Hawkman & Superman.

Frankly, I was surprised at how poor they each were/are.

24 months ago, I pulled 23 x DC titles. This month, I pulled 15.
Having reviewed them, I really enjoyed 10 out of the 24. This month, I also really enjoyed 10. So, that’s a result!

I think the 52 engendered me to properly consider my choices, where previously inertia was in effect. It’s no coincidence that 2 yrs ago, It’ pull 1/2 x indie comics per month, that’s now 8, on average.

I am thankful for the titles DC do get right. Overall, I’m enjoying comics more now than I have in a few years.

I also bemoan the passing of the Secret Six title. There’s nothing in the current line-up that comes close.

When you consider the amount of poorly written material in my “failures” list, it’s a real mystery to me that Gail Simone is writing just 1 x title.

“The main gripe is that this DC is different (which it really isn’t), but that’s from people who’ve clearly never heard of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis or 52″

I have read ALL theses events, and I have this to say:
Crisis On Infinite Earths<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Flashpoint/New52/Infinite Crisis

COIE was not perfect, far from it…
But even with some fails, it was better written and better executed.

One year later and I’ve lost all interest.

“How long till the next reboot?”

Not long, is my guess. In fact, given the extent to which “reboot the franchise” has become an almost constant device of corporate storytelling for Hollywood, I’ll be very surprised if DC finds any reason to stick with the “New 52 Universe” too long once the shiny has all worn off.

If the New 52 reaches its fifth birthday without another reboot-event in progress, at minimum, that will truly be a new direction, indeed.

Before the new 52 I was getting zero books monthly. I hadn’t had a regular comic book shop in a very long time and a pull-list even longer than that.

The New 52 took me away from just buying trades on Amazon (none of which were regular DCU books) and got me into a physical store where I’ve pulled every single New 52 book for the whole year because they got me excited about the weekly ritual of going to pick up books every week and being part of the comic-book scene.

Now that I’ve given all the books a chance I’m still keeping a good chunk of them. Yes there are lots of books that I don’t care for but there are also awesome books like All Star Western and I, Vampire and Wonder Woman that I would never have picked up otherwise.

I also now pull books from most of the other publishers save Marvel. So in my opinion the new 52 was a positive move that whether any Marvel fan would like to admit or not has helped the comic industry as a whole.

There’s a broken sense of continuity — what happened, what didn’t?
Design-wise, so many characters look sillier, frankly, than before the reboot.
Favorite characters are gone or a shell of who they were before the reboot.

There are probably several reasons for all this, some already known and some probably still unspoken.
The New 52, more and more, just isn’t the DC I want to read.

More power to the people who do want to read it, though.


August 31, 2012 at 1:36 pm

I disagree with some of the changes in the New 52, and a lot of the titles admittedly pretty poor. But in my opinion, DC has just as many, or more, good titles as Marvel, they just publish more titles in general. This creates a higher proportion of bad books to good, and I really think a lot of DC’s problems would be solved by publishing less titles.

I also want to point out (though not part of the 52) that Vertigo is doing quite well. They also had a renewal of sorts. The New Deadwardians is a great comic. We also had DC Presents Deadman that was quite awesome. Throw in that one series with Penguin and DC is producing some very fine stories. Oh, and don’t forget The Shade.
Maybe not all of the 52 are working out but DC and it’s affiliates are doing some good work.

ed (the other one)

August 31, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Let me see if I got this right:

Despite pissing off old DC fans with continuity-erased favorite characters and relationships and who’ve stopped buying their titles… one year later, the “New 52″ has succeeded in having new(?) readers happy with the reboot and sold a bunch of the renumbered DC comics… while total comics sales have CONTINUED to trend downwards and some titles’ numbers are worse than BEFORE the reboot??

Doesn’t seem to be a good trade off to me.

But, happy Birthday, nuDC! (And there was much WB rejoicing?)

September 1, 2011: The Day DC Comics died after 6 years on life-support courtesy of the beatings administered by Dan DiDio.

Comic sales are trending down!!! There’s a article in Jack Kirby’s Spirit World talking about that. And that was in 1971!! Ppl are always predicting doom and gloom,just so if it ever does happen they can say”Hey Look at me!! I toldja!! I called it!!” I hope i never get like that.

“We knew going in that it was a major risk and heard every concern, but we had faith in what we were doing and felt it was the right thing for our characters, company and industry.”

Yeah, right, Dan. If you REALLY wanted to take a major risk, you’d have rebooted EVERYTHING, including the Batman and Green Lantern titles–you should’ve LAUGHED in the face of danger of ticking off Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison.

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