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Quote of the Day | Kelly Sue DeConnick on Carol Danvers

There are some punk-rock girls on Tumblr who think McGuinness’ covers are the best things they’ve ever seen in mainstream comics. Then there are some dudes in their 40s who like big hair and big boobs and aren’t crazy about it. And I get it. If this your favorite superhero, you want to like looking at them, but we can’t please everybody. It’s sort of like the weather in Portland … if you don’t like it, just wait a while. Someone will do something that you like. And with the costume … You know, the market will dictate that. If people don’t like it, then she’ll be back in the lightning bolt suit. Let’s just see how it goes.

Kelly Sue DeConnick, on Carol Danvers, the new Captain Marvel

You should definitely read the entire interview, as DeConnick has really gotten into her character’s skin. But I thought this reflection on external appearances was interesting as well — both the importance of the immediate visual impact of the character and the acknowledgement that fan reaction does have an impact.



The costume doesn’t bother me much, but I’m not keen on that particular hairstyle. Short hair, fine, but rooster-comb just… meh…

Two bigger problems I have with the book, though: First, the art of the cover could not be more divergent from the art of the interior. (Well, I suppose they could have Mike Allred doing covers, or Sergio Aragones, but I digress). The covers are crisp and vibrant and attention-grabbing. The interiors are muddy and dull and heavy and very much not what I expected to see when I picked up the first issue.

Secondly… Carol Danvers has plenty of fans, which is good. I’m not one of them. I want to like her, I want to be interested in what she’s doing, but in my opinion, she’s been one of the blandest, most generic, most directionless superheroes Marvel has ever created. She was dull back when Rogue first stole her powers and memories. She was powerful, and visually interesting, but dull when she became Binary and joined the Starjammers. She was dull when she returned to Earth and joined the Avengers. As part of a team, she’s the ‘flying strong brick with energy blasts’. As a solo hero, she’s… a solo hero.

She’s not struggling with ‘private life vs. hero life’ a la Spider-Man or Billy Batson. She’s not an iconic leader a la Captain America or Nick Fury. She’s not driven to protect a world that hates and fears her a la X-Men. She’s former military, sure, but what, exactly, sets her apart from the other thousands of heroes in the Marvel world? Why is /she/ Marvel’s ‘preeminent’ female superhero? Over Susan Richards or She-Hulk or Black Widow or…? I honestly can’t tell you. It just feels like she’s the ‘default’, not the ‘chosen’.

I agree about the covers. I like the art inside as well as outside but I hate when the cover is completely different from the actual comic. It’s like seeing a movie poster with Bruce Willis advertising a movie starring Jason Statham.

As far as the character herself, I’m interested to see where she goes…

That neck. My god, that neck!

I think the Ed McGuinness art on the covers is far superior to the Dexter Soy art on the inside pages. Soy’s style is just so wrong for this title.

Eric T. you hit a lot of nails on the head. The art inside is a huge turn off for me and this isn’t the Carol Danvers I have come across in past reads – which I have no problem with.

As far as the costume/look, I don’t mind. I am generally okay with costume/look changes (I like her new costume a lot.)

That’s not a deal breaker: the meh feelings I got in what little I read and the off putting art are what pushed me away.

“Why is /she/ Marvel’s ‘preeminent’ female superhero,” Eric? Simply because she has the word Marvel in her name. Corporate is pushing the brand.

Roy Thomas created Carol Danvers to be a supporting character and love interest for Captain Marvel. She will always be a supporting character because she lacks the tragedy that motivates the great heroes. I prefer Mar-Vell. He had raison d’etre — inspired by tragedies.

Despite what Marvel Marketing declares, Sue Richards is the top super-lady in the MU.

@Jake Earlewine

I’d say she’s had her fair share of tragedy, but not necessarily the kind that makes for a good superhero yarn.

I’m pretty disappointed in this book. I loved DeConnick’s Osborn mini, but so far Captain Marvel has been pretty boring, and the quirky dialogue that fit Norah Winters and a gaggle of psychopaths doesn’t quite work with Captains America and Marvel.

And even more disappointing is her shameless pandering to the anti-boob, pseudo-feminist whiners by perpetuating the worn-out, ugly stereotype of mainstream comic book fans. It’s pretty transparent too (unless there’s an anti-hair movement I’m unaware of) because Carol’s chest is still pretty sizable.

Good luck with your roller derby demo, Kelly Sue. You just lost a reader.

“Then there are some dudes in their 40s who like big hair and big boobs”

Well… this commentary was a bit harsh and short-sighted.

I’m a 20 years old punk-rock boy, and I really LOVE big hair and big boobs.
That’s not a crime, you know? ;)

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of Miss Marvel or McGuinness style.

But good-luck with your work.

KSD is right. I personally love the new look, but if I didn’t, I’m sure I’d find solace in the fact that someone else out there doesn’t either, and they may well get their hands on the character at some point.

That being said, the interior artwork for this book is horrible. I can’t see the title lasting unless they put a good artist on it at some point in the near future. And I agree with what Eric T said, I’d much rather see a Black Widow book. I know there have been plenty, but it makes so little sense that there isn’t one right now, even if she does co-star in Winter Soldier. I’d have loved to have seen Fraction and Aja on Black Widow.

I like the Ms.Marvel/all Captain Marvel characters, but I feel currently the character is not idealistic enough to an expecting comic book reader. Carol is very focused and I personally appreciate that her personality is that of a typical career military women, which I think should work in the superhero genre. However, the character feels lost and unfocused when compared to other heroes as in maybe the military beat the infinite dreams out of her personality (That mostly BS idk). There in lies my recommendation for this character, personality growth to fill a void in what drives her to protect as vigilante. I feel, Marvel might want to be rebuild her through a great conflict. I would give her a (dreaming and personality rich) partner one in which she is fated to lose then maybe the story would feel to the reader that she needs to protect the dreams that they had.

At their core all superheroes are dreamers which is why I laugh when they tease spider-man for having fun Carol however, as it stands is not a dreamer and therefor a solo book about a character with easy or no goals is not one that inspire. my 2 pents

I bought the last run of Ms Marvel and enjoyed her (doomed) struggle to be the greatest hero in the Marvel universe, but the fact is, hardly anyone else bought it. I bet the people who aren’t happy with the new female friendly version didn’t buy the last one (which was also female friendly in my opinion, but less obviously so) so who are they to complain?

I’m a fan of the character and have been since I was a little kid. I have no problem with the changes that they’ve done to her. Dexter Soy is not the right artist for this title but it’s the same thing that Marvel has done with Carol Danvers since her last Marvel book: Put a big name on the cover but don’t follow through with the interior art. The biggest name on art that she has had on her titles (not counting the 70’s) has been Aaron Lopresti. He’s done an admirable job but when he left the art seemed to be all over the place. At the same time, this era of Marvel tends to take this approach with alot of their books. You have a name artist for three issues and then three different artists for the next five. If you really are interested in making Captain Marvel a major player with this book, give it a superstar artist!

Count me as a mid-30s dude who loves boobs. But I also have zero problems with the changes made to Carol, and in fact think the costume and hair are awesome and was pretty disappointed when they changed the cover art to reflect “more hair” because of a small percentage of loudmouths.

That said, I decided to not buy this book solely based on the interior art. There doesn’t need to be a big name artist on the book, just an artist that fits the tone they seem to be going for. And, y’know, someone who can do a long-run monthly.

I really wanted to like the new Captain Marvel series- I liked the new look and the McGuiness covers a lot, but the terrible interior art was a turn-off, and the story wasn’t interesting enough to compensate.

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