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Reading the Internet so you don’t have to, Part 6

This turned up recently on Andrew Ross MacLean’s Tumblr: Hellboy versus Anung Un Rama. I was unfamiliar with MacLean’s work, but a little poking round his portfolio shows an artist with a really likeable style, one which nicely fuses all the influences he cites, such as Mike Mignola, Gabriel Bá, Rafael Grampa, James Harren, Paul Pope and Paul Maybury (all of whose work he regularly reblogs).

More below: X-Men! Dredd! Spider-Man! Zombie East-Anglian Kings!.

Judge Dredd has something of a history with graffiti, with his ongoing clashes with sky-surfing wall-scrawler Marlon “Chopper” Shakespeare. Elements of the U.K.’s street art scene regularly mix, collaborate with, and are influenced by the comic art community.  All of this gives this billboard for the upcoming movie Dredd 3D a certain inevitability (via Frankly, I’ll be disappointed if nobody defaces these with big yellow smiley faces.

Ian McQue is a concept artist for the mighty Rock Star Games Edinburgh who for fun posts paintings of landscapes full of spaceships and robots.  He’s a bit tasty. Here’s “Big Dog, Little Dog.”

Francesco Francavilla‘s entry to Warren Ellis’s Three Panels Open meme. An old EC Comics gag gets a none-more-modern retelling.

Patricio Oliver is an Argentinian artist who works with vectors to create illustrations like this: the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Comic fans get twitchy whenever they see comic artists’ work being repurposed by the fine art world. Ladies and gentlemen, the photorealistic paintings of Doug Bloodworth. Start twitching.

Steve “Zealand” Jones, character designer on who knows how many Bruce Timm-produced animation projects, has a Tumblr. He likes to draw women’s arses, a lot. Well, you’ve got to have a hobby. Here’s his All-New, All-Different, Uncanny X-Men.

Duncan Wilson‘s new webcomic Ancient Rulers Of Britain for CreatureMag freaks me right out, but in that good way.



Goodness me – seeing a drawing I did, on a site this good freaks me right out – but in a beautiful way. Cheers!

Those Oreo cookies look so real! So does the glass of milk! Too bad Spidey looks like some steroid-dosed Hulky dude instead of our skinny little Spider-Man. And how come his right leg is so big? That is NOT foreshortening! Looks more like he injected Hank Pym’s growth serum into his right leg. And what’s going on with his abs? Maybe that’s not supposed to be a “sixpack” but instead, wrinkles in his shirt.

Aww, I’m just “twitching”! : )
I wish I could paint that well! He’s got the chops!
(But I wouldn’t waste my time and talent painting something that could be captured easily with a camera. I wonder how many hundreds of hours were spent on this…)

Boy, I could eat me some Oreos about now!


Well, that’s an actual Amazing Spider-Man that’s being aped there (issue #520, take a gander for comparison: The effect on the abs is there in the Deodato original, but the cover is way too wide on the copy (look how far past where the logo ought to end it extends on the left) which has the effect of stretching out the right leg.

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