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Reddit users, retailer and creators rally to help Karl Kesel and family

It’s impossible not to be moved by the story of longtime comics writer and inker Karl Kesel and his wife Myrna, who less than four months ago adopted baby Isaac, the child of a heroin user who began life battling methadone withdrawal. Facing $67,000 in medical bills, in addition to the $25,000 for the adoption itself, and uncertain of how much would be covered by Myrna’s health insurance, Karl decided to sell the Silver Age Marvel collection he’d amassed over four decades.

Reading about the Kesels’ situation, a Reddit member named Razorsheldon rallied the troops to help the family while simultaneously attempting to save Karl’s comics. “Why not start a fundraising campaign to buy as many of his comics as we could so we could give them right back to him?” he wrote earlier this week. “I have no lofty expectations for this endeavor, but I thought even purchasing one comic would send the right message that there are people out there that are grateful that people like Karl and his wife Myrna exist to make this world a better place.”

Turning to the crowdfunding site Crowdtilt, he launched “Help Karl Kesel Keep His Comic Collection,” a drive  that in six days has raised $5,201, exceeding its original $1,000 goal. There are 15 hours remaining in the campaign.

Razorsheldon said he’s also been in contact with retailer I Like Comics in Vancouver, Washington, which has transformed this weekend’s second annual End of Summer Hullabaloo into a fundraiser for the Kesels, to help ensure that the comics being purchased and returned are issues he really wants (rather than some he had no trouble parting with).

Fans in the Vancouver can stop by I Like Comics for the event Saturday and Sunday, where they’ll find creators like Kesel, Kurt Busiek, Aaron Lopresti, Pete Woods, Rebecca Woods, Shannon Wheeler, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett and Dan Prado. Ten percent of sales, and 100 percent of the money generated from the cookout, will go to help the Kesel family.



Its a nice story but we adopted and it cost 50k. Had to take a loan out, the mom used cocaine and we had zero help.

Wonder if i can sell my collection and then get it back?

@kal el

I don’t know. Did anyone else hear about your story?

You suck Kal-El. Bitterness does not suit you well…

I’ve an idea, kal el: sell it and find out!

May da Schwartz be wit’ Karl Kesel. Seriously–I met him at a convention, and he was a real nice guy. I really hope this campaign works out for his family.

I am not bitter but what makes his adoption any different than what my wife and i have gone through?

The only reason our bills are not larger for our adoption is because we used medicare to cover when our daughter was in ICU.

I have also passed on my story to many i know in the industry and was told that if i am “in” the industry, no one would give it a second notice. Tried on facebook and a kickstarter campaign and no response.

Even tried with my family and they pretty much blew us off, so hence the loan.

I admit is not cheap to adopt unless it is through a foster home and yes the bills can be very high but if he has to sell his collection then so be it.

My daughter was born pre-mature and she is now to and the greatest bundle of joy one could hope for.

I also did have to sell a large part of my collection and NO ONE has given it back to me.

i can understand where Kal is coming from. things like this happen every day, and while it’s good that folks want to help out the Kesels, there are numerous people from all walks of life who need the help of their neighbors. unfortunately, most people who need it don’t get it.

additionally, the Kesels walked into this situation. perhaps they should have thought out the financial implications beforehand.

“Me me me me me me”… ok agent Smith.

Thank you Joseph

There are a lot of other avenues to help them out as I do not know the specifics.

If others only understood the cost of adoption then it might make more sense into it all.

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