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Rey Mysterio Rises at SummerSlam

Proving once again that he’s the biggest comic fan in the WWE, Rey Mysterio appeared at tonight’s SummerSlan pay-per-view event dressed all in black, sporting a cape and bat ears. Wrestling’s equivalent of Batman wasn’t able to fully “rise” in his match against The Miz, but at least he looked good while doing it.

At past events, the high-flying Mysterio has worn outfits inspired by the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Joker, Flash, Iron Man, Captain America and the movie Avatar.

You can find more photos of Bat Rey at



Jericho won and Helmsley lost, so I’m happy.

Really cool costume. My favorite of Rey’s suits was probably the Daredevil one, but honorable mention goes to the Flash one.

I’m partial to the Joker costume, myself. That was excellent.

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