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Richard Sala’s Peculia: The Cartoon

There’s little I enjoy more than an animated adaptation of a comic that’s done in the exact style of that comic. I understand and appreciate Mike Mignola’s opinion (especially because he’s uniquely qualified to judge how well the copy imitates the original) that he’d rather see a different version animated. As a fan, though, I tend to imagine motion when I read comics anyway, so to see that brought to life is pretty thrilling. Especially when the comic being adapted is one by Richard Sala.

The Peculia short is on Sala’s website, so if he didn’t do it himself, it’s certainly got his blessing. I hope there’s more coming, because I keep re-watching it and can’t seem to get enough.



This is awesome news. I’m a big fan of Sala’s, especially of his Peculia stories. I’m all for more animation based on his stories…

In case people don’t know it, here’s the excellent Liquid Television Richard Sala cartoon series “Invisible Hands”!

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