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Rob Liefeld, unleashed: Creator targets Scott Snyder, Tom Brevoort

Scott Snyder

The Twitter tirade unleashed by Rob Liefeld last week when he announced his abrupt departure from three DC Comics titles boiled over this weekend as the outspoken creator took aim at Batman writer Scott Snyder and Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort.

On Wednesday Liefeld, who had been writing and penciling Deathstroke and plotting Grifter and The Savage Hawkman, criticized DC for what he described as ‘massive indecision, last minute and I mean LAST minute changes that alter everything” and “editor pissing contests,” singling out Associate Editor Brian Smith as “a little bitch” and “a big dick.”

Snyder, among other creators, came to Smith’s defense on Twitter, writing that, “from my small experience with him, [Smith] has been a great guy to work with. To be fair, I know absolutely nothing of what went on on Rob’s books (Rob has always been really supportive of me and Jeff and others). But I’d feel bad, having worked with Smitty on N.O.T.O. [“Night of the Owls”] and now Joker, […] if I didn’t say that he’s been a stand-up guy to deal with. Again, nothing against anyone, just deal w/Smitty every week now, and I’d feel bad not saying.”

About that time Liefeld tweeted to his followers, “It’s not you. It never has been. It’s Batman.” That apparently triggered a direct-message exchange with Snyder that Liefeld later made public, first by copying the writer’s private comment, “I can assure you Batman doesn’t sell the way it does because it’s Batman. It sells that way because of me and Greg [Capullo],” and then by posting screencaps (below).

“Get over yourself you pretentious prick @Ssnyder1835,” Liefeld wrote publicly. “Been berated in DM’s by @Ssnyder1835 this morning. Excuse me if I don’t marvel at your amazing abilities to write Batman. Piss off. I’d like to think that if your going to wave your ego around on Batman you’d remember all that came before you. Holeee crap. […] Been saying this about Batman, repeatedly, here on twitter, for months. Hit a nerve today.”

Snyder didn’t exactly take the abuse sitting down, firing back, “Nice! Your Twitter feeds the best thing you’ve written all year” (to which Liefeld replied, “Of course, because its not edited”).

“Aw, I’ll give you credit Rob!” Snyder wrote. “Batman might sell in spite of me and @GregCapullo as u say, but deathstroke & Hawkman failed because of you! Credit where it’s due, brother, and that’s all I’ll say on that. Ah, comics. Lol. And you can put that in your pouch and keep it for later. Lol! my good buddy Rob posted our conversation. I think it says all there is to say about the matter. No?”

But Snyder wasn’t the only industry figure to suffer the wrath of Liefeld. When asked on Formspring last week whether there’s a chance the creator could return to Marvel, Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort replied, “After that Twitter flame-out, I can’t say I’d be in a hurry to get onto that train.” That led Liefeld to get personal on Friday, writing, “Someone told me that loser fat ass Brevoort was talking trash about me today. I dropped him awhile back. […] Sorry they passed you over for EIC Tommy B. Get over it and get back to mixing and matching Avengers and X-Men #doucher I know, Tommy B, why don’t u all tell Kirkman how ‘concerned’ u are for his future post Marvel. That’s our funniest bit that we HOWL at. ”

Brevoort responded, “You remain a sweetheart, Rob. Don’t go changing. Also, feel free to say any of this to my face, you feckless bully. Takes a big man to go postal publicly on a young editor like that. #kickspuppiestoo.”



I rescind my approval of Liefeld’s actions. What an absolute turd.

well done robot 6 three days late

its an improvement

Uff, this has gone beyond personal. I’m not going to take sides, even though I’ve never been a fan of Liefeld’s and I love Snyder’s work on Batman and Swamp Thing.

I just love creators being honest, for once. Everyone should talk like this. Just let it go!

I would love to see Brevoort beat the shit out of Liefeld. That’s most definitely the only Rob Liefeld thing I would pay for.

I mean seriously the guy spikes the sales on 3 barely hanging on books and he thinks he’s hot shit. and you just know the second those books get cancelled he’s going to show up somewhere all smug about how they failed without him.


I wonder if Rob suffers from bi-polar disorder?

“Put that in your pouch…..” LOL. Go get him, Scott.
Liefeld is burning lots of bridges.
Now we know what the Image founders
Went thru.

Oh snap!!! Its the new Tupac/B.I.G beef!!

Don’t you go sh*t talking about Snyder, Robbie. He and Capullo have done amazing work on Batman. While Batman may have been one of the better sellers of the new 52, they have made it the biggest and arguably the best!


August 27, 2012 at 8:33 am

3 things – and they are basically separate things, though people keep getting them intertwined

Rob said some idiotic stuff on his Twitter the last few days

Snyder should have stayed out of it. Even benignly asking Rob what he meant by “this” or “that” is basically putting his nose into the public spat

Lastly, Rob is right about DC and DC editorial. I’m glad he had that gumption to speak up. This is fortified by the fact that many other creators have had falling-outs with DC in the last few months. Rob’s complaints are not isolated

I’ve never cared for Liefeld’s work, but it’s nice to know now that he’s a shit human being, to boot. He always sort of came off as a guy who got work because he was likable and could sell himself. Whatever crap he put out there you could shrug it off by thinking “he’s a decent family guy, no real need to hate on him as a person.”

That’s over, Rob. You’re a huge asshat, we all know it now.

Also, does anyone at all doubt that Liefeld’s editor on his books was not the cause of the issues, but they came from above and he was the messenger, the poor schlub told to keep Liefeld dumbness in check?

I really wish Deathstroke could get a decent creative team out of this.

Now that I think about it, if I was Scott Snyder I’d pitch Deathstroke just to prove my point. :D

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

August 27, 2012 at 8:40 am

LIEfeld also referred to Scott Clark, his artist on Grifter as a crap artist via his Twitter.
HE referred to Clark as a crap artist?!? HIM?!!!?
That’s like Keanu Reeves saying Anthony Hopkins sucks!!! LMFAO!!!

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

August 27, 2012 at 8:43 am

Snyder writing Deathstroke with Scott Clark on art! YES!!! ;)

I don’t understand this. Scott Snyder showed class in both his public tweets and his DMs, and Liefeld pulls a bitch move like that?

Now I think Scott Snyder is a great writer, but I’d be lying if I said I followed his writing seriously. But that being said, that seriously reeked of not just anger, but jealousy on Liefeld’s part. You can not say that he and Greg have nothing to do with the success of the title when they managed to get the book up to #1 on the Diamond charts at the start of the New 52.

Moron probably just lost most of the people who were supporting him during this situation. I know he’s lost me.

from those tweets sounds like rob seems to have a lot of pent up anger working for the big two and is letting it lose and also looks like rob wants to make sure he never can work for the big two again. mostly marvel by going after tom. rob needs to find a new line of work that will calm him down.

I’m just glad we can now take Rob off the “misunderstood nice guy” list and permanently find him a spot on the dick list.

WOW. Gotta say, wasn’t the biggest fan of Liefeld’s before. But now? Well, I guess the guy wants to spend the rest of his career writing creator owned stuff, because I can’t see ANYONE wanting to work with him after this.

You know what I’m gonna give rob the benefit of doubt here.yes he seems to be going off the deep end a little but lets be honest you would be pissed if you were stuffed on books that lets be honest were doomed from the start.he in my opinion isn’t a bad writer when he isn’t channeling a 90’s era writing style.hell had DC given him full control of deathstroke could you imagine how epically Gorey it would be and lets be real Snyder has been walking around waving Batman around like a chimp showing everybody his chubby at the zoo. I will say this and its directed at Mr.Snyder the world is waiting to see what you do with joker. Don’t fuck up. That is all.

First of all, Liefeld did not spike the sales of any of the books he’s worked on, save his very first issue of Deathstroke. And by the second, all those new readers had left. My theory? Lobo fans looking for a fix. He has cost DC readers with every title he’s been involved with. That is an unalterable fact.

Second, Snyder asked him POLITELY, in PRIVATE, if the message was directed towards him. It was Liefeld who made this public. Scott Snyder has been above reproach in this incident.

Finally, lots of people hate Tom Brevoort. He’s a douche so it’s pretty easy to not like him. But even his side I’d take over Rob Liefeld’s. I used to think Rob was a bad writer/artist who was a nice guy so it was okay. Now, not even that. He’s a piece of shit in every facet of his life.

Liefeld is the Terrell Owens of comics. Just toxic wherever he goes. Love him, hate him, whatever. Snyder took the problem off line and then Liefeld splashes a private conversation back into the public in an attempt to score points.

Now I can go back to hoping DC does something decent with Hawkman.

I’m reminded of Neil Gaiman’s comments that there are three qualities that make a good freelancer, of which you only need two:

1) Your work must be good.
2) You must get your work done on time.
3) You must be a pleasure to work with.

I’d always pegged Liefeld as someone who must be a pleasure to work with (due in no small part to Snyder’s defense of Liefeld in the past). I’m now simply baffled as to how he has built such a successful career. As well, if Liefeld hoped to come off as the good guy by posting the direct messages from Snyder, I think it likely backfired – he comes off instead as a petty bully and a sore loser, while Snyder is clearly confused as to where this uncalled for aggression is coming from.

I always like to believe the best in people, but Liefeld isn’t leaving much to believe in anymore.

I had little respect for Liefeld, before, but I could understand his frustrations. I thought his comments could have been handled more professionally, but now he’s just engaging in personal attacks at the drop of a hat! Ultimately, it probably invalidates his previous gripes, as legitimate as they might be, because he’s obviously a crappy person to deal or work with.

And by the way, I buy “Batman” as opposed to “Detective” because of Snyder and Capullo’s work on that title.

Snyder is absolutely right about the popularity of his and Capullo’s “Batman”

No offense to Tony Daniel (because I do LOVE his art), but I don’t care for his writing, so when he was writing Batman, I stopped reading it, but LOVED Snyder on Detective. When they switched titles for the the New 52 launch, I dropped Detective and picked-up Batman. When I expressed my excitement for Snyder/Capullo on Batman after the announcement on Twitter, Snyder DM’d me to thank me for the support. I’ll follow that guy to the end.

Liefeld comes off as a complete #doucher. Snyder a total class act. It was fine when Liefeld voiced his frustrations, but single people out in a non-constructive way (“little bitch,” “big dick”) just does not help your case. I never followed Liefeld’s work and now I never will. Good going burning all those bridges Rob! Good luck in all your future endeavours. You’re going to need it.

Snyder’s Batman sucks (another Morrison retcon job) and Liefeld sucks, I wish they’d throw each other into the phantom zone or something

Apparently Liefeld’s NOT smart enough to take a screenshot. A screenshot wouldn’t show the cracks on the screen.
He has failed at tech as he has failed at tact.

“Nice! Your Twitter feeds the best thing you’ve written all year”


Brilliant response


does Liefeld continue to get work?

I hope after this meltdown, people finally know better!

Also interesting to note Jim Lee (probably the only reason Rob still works in comics?) has kept mum through this whole fiasco. Smart man!

Rob Liefeld is a sore loser and a sad joke.

The person responsible for bring this douchebag to DC (Lee? Harras?DiDio?) deserves a nice KICK in the butt.

- The Rob Liefeld Workout –
Basically your chest grows 100 times larger and you lose your feet. :p

Rob Liefeld is the Charlie Sheen of comics. only without the talent

In terms of an ego disproportionately greater than his talent, Rob Liefeld has just surpassed Christian Weston Chandler.

- The Rob Liefeld Workout –
Basically your chest grows 100 times larger and you lose your feet. :p

And your wrists. And your head shrinks too. And then there’s that odd fondness for pouches…

Man, Rob Liefeld, ever the picture of professionalism.

Seriously, the man is 44 years old. Grow the hell up already.

Paul — brilliant.


You said:

3 things – and they are basically separate things, though people keep getting them intertwined

Rob said some idiotic stuff on his Twitter the last few days

Snyder should have stayed out of it. Even benignly asking Rob what he meant by “this” or “that” is basically putting his nose into the public spat

Lastly, Rob is right about DC and DC editorial. I’m glad he had that gumption to speak up. This is fortified by the fact that many other creators have had falling-outs with DC in the last few months. Rob’s complaints are not isolated.

My response:

1st: Rob Liefeld always says stupid things. That’s what he’s known for…well, that and not being able to draw anything with anatomical correctness.

2nd: Scott Snyder has every right to take offense at comments directed as much at him as at anyone else working on a Batman book. It looks to me like he tried to approach the issue logically and openly, and got slapped in the face for the effort. Also, typical Liefeld behavior.

3rd: There are always issues between creators and editorial. If you really want to see what happens when an editor doesn’t get enough input into a book, just go look at any thing Liefeld has done under his own umbrella. It’s only been when he’s had strong writers that his books have made sense.

Rob Liefeld got kicked out of the company he helped create, after running his mouth and burning bridges at Marvel. When the people in charge gave him another chance to work on their books (Heroes Reborn), he created such an ungodly mess that Jim Lee was asked to take over his books and try to fix the damage. He goes back to DC, and again, creates an ungodly mess.

His talent is a fraction of the size of his ego, which is a shame. I would give anything to have the ability to do what he has been blessed to be able to do, and to see him repeatedly throw it all away by not keeping his ego in check is a shame…but, if you know comics history, not a surprise.

I don’t think anyone comes out of this looking good. They all sound like pretentious jack-asses, Snyder included. I don’t care for Liefeld but he’s got a point about Batman selling because it’s Batman. I’m not aware of any other Snyder books being on top of the sales charts so far. I liked his Detective but that wasn’t a huge seller. Batman sold well even when Morrison drove the title into the ground. It has always been one of DC’s top books and likely always will be. Whereas Hawkman, Deathstroke and Grifter are C list characters and likely couldn’t be saved by anyone, Snyder included.

Liefeld actually had the best comeback to Snyder about his best writing being because it wasn’t edited. Ka-pow!

I hope that hack Liefeld never gets a job in comics again after that. He’s always been talentless, but now he shows he has no class as well.

I’ll give it to him for Hawkman and Deathstroke. But Grifter? Grifter f*cking sucks.

I got your back, Rob. I smell something funny coming out of DC lately.

I’m mainly indifferent about Liefeld’s work. Sure, it’s fun to mock his busty Captain America, but I am thankful for his previous contributions to Marvel (Deadpool, Cable, etc).

I see lots of posts attacking Liefeld, someone they don’t even know. This is very different than Liefeld’s recent outbursts, which are about people he had direct contact with while trying to work. I don’t think we have a position to judge whether Rob is right or wrong. You don’t have to agree with him, but you don’t have to attack him either. (Having said that, I can’t see from the posted exchange what set him off on Snyder like that).

Many seem to argue that Marvel and DC are always right, and creators shouldn’t complain about whatever hardships they encounter while getting to work for The Big Two. George Perez was much more calm publicly about leaving Action Comics, but I’m guessing he went through a lot of the same things Rob dealt with. Maybe there is an editorial pissing contest at DC. We don’t know what’s going on over there.

I’ve heard horror stories from creators over the years about Marvel and DC being extremely difficult to work for. While this was definitely not his classiest move, maybe Rob’s actions are what the industry needed. We can get some better treatment for the guys and gals that make our funnybooks. Let’s not solely focus on Rob’s arguable bipolar personality. Let’s also discuss what the hell drove him off the deep end.

* Self-correction to above post. After rereading my own words, I realize I named AC instead of Superman that Perez worked on in the Nu52. *

Rob you little baby. The books you work on suck because, and only because of you. Batman soars largely due to the creative team. Period.

Can we start a kickstarter fund to buy Rob a new phone? His be busted.


It’s obvious that Batman have a incredible fanbase.
But Scott Snyder IS an awesome writer, and that’s a fact.

Swamp-Thing is doing great so far and American Vampire is pure gold.

Rob Liefeld is a child.

That being said, he’s not wrong about Batman selling because it’s Batman, and the mixing and matching of Avengers and X-Men (and Fantastic Four) warrants some mockery.

But yeah… Rob Liefeld = child

Saying someone just buys a Batman title just because it’s Batman is a fallacy which was proven the moment he showed up in Liefeld’s written/drawn “Hawk & Dove”…(another book Liefeld “saved”). Snyder and Capullo are the very reasons that “Batman” is the only title with the character in it that I buy. Snyder merely asked Liefeld if he was referring to him personally and was rightfully pissed when Rob started making snide comments towards him and others.

Stay classy indeed!

“but I am thankful for his previous contributions to Marvel (Deadpool, Cable, etc)”

Nice joke, man. ;)


Rob Liefeld is such a prick. I love that snyder has been backing him and as soon as rob isn’t working for the same publisher he goes off and tries to talk shit about him. Everyone has been saying “how does he still get work?” well I’m sure because of this incident dc or marvel probably won’t be hiring him for awhile for anything which means no vertigo, icon, or darkhorse. The only option I can see for him is image but he is going to have to cry on his knees and pull the “I’m a founder of this publisher” card.

Lifeld… Well I don’t have to say anything else do I?

Most people making comments here, are just clueless outsiders. The level of E-have working in editorial is staggering. You don’t see behind the scenes, how artists are treated. Sure, Presume should not have gone public, though it is understandable. So much crap going on behind the curtain. Just look how people like Kirby, Kubert and Toth were treated. Personal grudges towards people, can take its toll on a guy. This was probably the case with Rob. Non pro/fanboys wouldn’t understand.

Talking about burning your bridges. I gave Liefeld the benefit of a doubt because it seemed like to me DC is having their editors follow what Johns, Morrison, Synder and Lemire are doing on their books and everyone else falls into that.(I consider them the DC top writers like Hickman, Fraction, Bendis and Remender are at Marvel, just Marvel seems more to let the writers do what they want and have the editors guide them, from what I gathered from interviews and how their retreats work, IMO) Even if that is the case, he has been just a complete dick through this whole thing.

*The amount of D-bags in editorial is staggering. The PETTY antics abound. Unless you’re an was kisser, don’t expect to get far as an outsider. There are SO MANY great artists blackmailed from the big publishers. On account of petty personal axes to grind. And tons of mediocre writers and artists, with great was kissing drinking skills getting in tight with the big wigs. Its pathetic to see. Most here are just outsiders looking in.

Gotta agree with Scott Snyder, this is his best writing effort of the year. He really does do a great douche bag impression. Too bad he does it all the time.

I do find it interesting that his stints are so short and it’s always someone else’s fault when he leaves book. Grow up Rob! You are not the golden Boy of the comic industry anymore. You’re it’s crazy uncle that no one really likes but every puts up with because he was once cool and they have fond memories. But, you don’t have to be that person. It’s a choice. Choose better!

Pretty on the Inside

August 27, 2012 at 11:53 am

Rob used to be so popular in the early 90’s. Is he still working in the comics industry?

“Most people making comments here, are just clueless outsiders”

Irrespective of what happens behind the scenes, don’t try to justify the actions of this prick.

Rob Liefeld is and always will be a egotistic hack… and two decades were not enough to improve his horrible drawings.

Was anybody NOT waiting for this to happen?

An editorial team that wants to enforce their agenda at all costs in the name of protecting the brand, paired with an all-star diva creator who has already established himself as one who does not play well with others. A match made in Hell.

It would require a radical change in the way the industry’s top brands treat their talent to prevent us from being subjected to even more outburts from superstar creators who are forced to match the Company’s distasteful tenacity, public or private.

This should not remain a one-sided story.

My esteem of Rob Liefeld just went up 1,000 points. Seriously. THAT WAS AWESOME! Finally, none of the nicey nice B.S. . It’s good to know what’s really going on behind the scenes and which writers brown nose the hierarchy at DC.

Liefeld is the reason I didn’t and don’t pick up Deathstroke. Just saying…

I’m surprised Liefeld gets work on any comic these days. Prophet is entertaining specifically because Liefeld isnt currently trying to ruin it. He goes absolutely nowhere with his plotting.

Batman is good because the creative team is good at what they do. I dont track sales so I wont even comment on that, I just know when I’m entertained while reading a comic and Snyder has consistently done it better than a lot of other people who have handled a bat-title.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

August 27, 2012 at 12:25 pm

While I do think Rob was on to something in regards to funny goings-on in DC editorial, this is simply infantile and makes everyone involved look bad, especially Liefeld.

I can’t remember the last time I bought anything Liefeld-related, but you can be sure I’m not buying anything with his name on it now.

No class.


Is that you, Rob?

Rob Liefeld departure from DC is incredible good news for me….. the man is a moron.

WHY, OH WHY they hired this guy in the first place????????

This is not the end of the problems with the NU52.
I really believe that DC needs NEW MANAGEMENT……. the signs of complete chaos are very clear.

You sucks so bad

August 27, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Liefeld is the most hated in comics due to his horrible sketchy 90s drawing and everyones face looking the same. And horrible writing omg so one dimensional action action predictable hero wins no twists…. They only thing GOOD he did was create deadpool, and other writers and artists made deadpool into what he is today. If liefailed wrote deadpool to this day no one would even care about deadpool. YOU SUCK LIEFFELD no one likes you. how much of a lil bitch. liefeld is the guy that talks all this shit like a bitch then, if you see him in person he will SCREAM and RUN AWAY calling the cops DONT TOUCH ME like a lil girl.

You sucks so bad

August 27, 2012 at 12:39 pm

@TOBY how sophisticated do you think you are? You work in the industry? but have time to troll forums? Wow you must have no jobs or work to due wow. Sounds like your just a lil guy with some generic ideas and got shoot down by some low level person at DC. You mad BRO?! Hows that basement treating ya? “MOM pizza rolls!”

Swamp Thing and American Vampire are good, but are not selling anything like Batman, which goes towards Liefeld’s point, unless you think Batman is only selling this well because of Capullo’s artwork.

Sadly it has become more entertaining to read about the DC shenanigans then it is to read the vast majority of their line. I’m not sure Diane Nelson actually cares that much about the comic side as the real money is in the movies, cartoons, product branding and cross marketing.

I think New York Comic-Con is going to be rather tense this year if Liefeld decides to attend. Maybe even if not.

@Toby, I understand that editors can be controal freaks who like to keep everything on tight leash, the thing that is bothering me here is Lifeld’s reaction, he is suposed to be a pro man! Be profesional, and move on with your next work, don’t trash other people, that is what leads to situations like this…. Yes we have heard about DC’s high demands sence New52 started, but that is for the company to solve, not for public to see….

Well! I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Liefeld’s work, but the general feeling was that he was a reasonably pleasant person. His latest antics however, have certainly changed my opinion about THAT!

This might be my favorite part: “And you can put that in your pouch and keep it for later.”

No doubt the shenanigans behind the scenes are astounding, but there really is no excuse for Liefeld’s childish behavior.

Rob Liefield is so devoid of creative abilities, I’m surprised DC didn’t promote him to the level of Bob Harras and Dan Didio.

Seriously! Rob has always been this way. He has proven time after time that he is unprofessional, that he draws poorly and that he can’t write at all. So DC hired him to do three titles? Gosh, how awful do you have to be to get promoted to Executive Editor or Publisher?

NuDC’s level of suckage was a perfect fit for Liefield! They deserve each other.


August 27, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Clueless people don’t know the difference between editorial interference and having to rewrite and re-draw pages of a comic at the 11th hour. That kind of ridiculous, brainless editorial “guidance” is becoming the norm at DC. Keep buying those DC books and loving them folks

I think Snyder’s point was that Batman sells as well as it does because of Snyder and Capullo. But Liefeld’s being a douche to everyone anyway, so whatever. I was actually a little upset because I thought he was a nice guy. Regardless of what was said about Snyder (who I’m defending in this matter), Liefeld’s is being a huge asshat towards Brevoort, who I’ve met, and is a pretty nice guy.

Why blame DC editorial? What if Liefeld was the problem?
52 haters. If you don’t like don’t buy it. Liefeld’s art is garbage
anywhy, and going Twitter and bad mouthing people is so

“Most people making comments here, are just clueless outsiders”

This is not about being on the outside. It’s the same at any job. We all have bosses looking over our shoulders, we all have co-workers. If you don’t like the way your boss works…….go work someplace else. But don’t tear down your co-workers as you leave. You never know if you have to work with them again

Did you guys read a different conversation than I did? I know it’s so fun to hate Liefeld and what’s really funny is how many are just jumping on that bandwagon since many fans weren’t even around to read the Image books let alone Hawk & Dove or New Mutants when they came out. Personally as much as I hate his art and always have I now prefer it to a lot of the boring garbage that is traced on a Cintiq from Google Image Search or from Poser models. I keep asking and no one has an answer but if the brain trust in charge of DC and Marvel is as smart as they think they are how come they can’t seem to capitalize AT ALL on constant attempts at publicity like gay characters, marriages, deaths and massively successful Hollywood blockbusters- because they tell crap stories with crap artists who won’t dare take things public. Because above all what is valued in comics isn’t talent but it’s the ability to not say shit even when you been fed a mouthful. Kudos to Liefeld for calling them out on it and not backing down when Team Comics circled the wagons.

YOU SUCK SO BAD…. a fitting title. I do work in the industry,since 2001. Professional freelancers work from home. We make our own hours. Its great! Not easy, but I’m thankful.
You, obviously don’t have a clue. Rob is an easy target for fanboys who like nothing better than jumping on band wagons. Like I said, there was a time in the 70’s when Bigshots. at DC had a problem with Kubert. Ask people like Stephen Bissette.
Bottom line, if people weren’t already bias, they’d ask Rob his side before joining the hate wagon. BTW, Rob should of kept it, “personal attack free”.

Lol. Liefeld is clearly pissed everyone has finally got wise to the bullshit quality he churns out month after month. He’s clearly an asshole too. Anyone who’s met Snyder will tell you what a stand up, modest, nice guy he is. He was complimenting Liefield on Twitter only a couple of weeks ago. Well Liefield is the dumbass here. He’s burnt all bridges.

Gotta love Tom Breevort’s response. The guy is pure class.

So it’s the guy who gave who created Brigade vs. the guy who thinks the Joker would be better if he was Leatherface.

No matter who wins, we lose.

Rob Liefeld is havin’ a nervous breakdown
A mental shakedown


Wow, Liefeld is being a total ass hat. I always heard he was a nice guy, I figured that had to be true since he kept getting work in the industry despite his total lack of artistic talent. But he’s being a real dick, and burning a lot of bridges in the process. I get why he would be mad at DC editorial, there’s always complaints about editors in both major companies, but he went after Scott Snyder for like no reason. And it looked like Snyder was totally confused and caught of guard by it too. Well it looks like this going to give comic book geeks what they’ve always wanted. Liefeld is definitely done at DC and apparently at Marvel too.

That twitter stuff is hilarious.I could read that all day.RL is like his drawn characters….sphincters are too tight and they look constipated.Rob,eat some raisen bran and loosen up.

liefield gets work regularly, and has created the most memorable characters in today’s comics.

I hate deadpool, but its brought sales up for a dying medium. i find 75% of people dogging him, are factually rejected artists and writers, by the big five companies. HE GOT WORK IN THE MEDIUM, YOU DID NOT. hes right about batman being bought just because its batman. its truth. its been that way since the thirties. i agree the court of owls was an a grade story arc, but its batman. hell im guilty as charged for buying his titles just for that reason, and most bitchers here are as well. he has problems, but hes also an innovator.

it was 35 years in between new characters by the time todd, rob, marc, mike, and others created new characters at image. fact.
another fact is, you all gripe consistently about not having any new characters. when you treat the only innovators in this medium currently like that, you get what ya pay for. only superheroes sell well, and thats why DC and Marvel make the bank they do. because 90% of what bank they make, is superhero related. i see virtually no one but rob, and a very few others innovating that field within the last fifty years.

–daredevil, wonder-man, black panther, ghost rider, doc strange, black cat, yellow jacket, and dr. doom were all published in the forties, “before” – stan lee was promoted at timely, to change it into marvel. they were “all” at various “other companies”. he did NOT create them. he ripped off those names. a 40s hero called the spider, was what he used to create spider-man off of. fact. at least youngblood, deadpool, cable, and some of the others are actually newly named characters rob thought up, and made “new” names for, without using old ones. –cant say that very much for stan.

Having had something of this type of exchange myself recently, I know exactly how it can happen. It’s not something you ask for, but by the time it gets started, it’s hard to stop. Snyder walked right into it by needlessly inserting himself into something that didn’t concern him.

I’m not particularly a fan of either guy, but it’s easier to respect Liefeld, despite what nearly everyone’s been saying. Where he gets in trouble is expressing his opinions, whether in public like this or, fairly obviously, at work. The guy’s got a good enough reputation that Alan Moore worked with him (fanboys usually fall all over Alan Moore, so I figured it was worth mentioning), Image has been relaunching his characters, and he can get work anywhere, no matter how long it lasts. Common fanboy wisdom also mocks his art, but distinctive art is distinctive art. If you didn’t have an opinion about it, he wouldn’t really be doing his job, and he’s been doing it for decades now. It may seem like he’s only notable because of the controversies that seem to constantly surround him. But it’s because he’s one of the most notable creators in comics.

In the New 52, he did not exactly get Batman to work on. But that was his point when making those comments about the new Deadpool team. You put names on books that need them. Deathstroke hasn’t had a book since the ’90s. Hawkman is a step below Aquaman. Grifter is someone the new initiative took a gamble on. He’s never been a proven commodity. Having Liefeld work on these properties is the reverse of the logic that has surrounded Batman and Scott Snyder. The people who read Snyder in Detective Comics loved him. He gathered buzz on American Vampire. His Batman was the first New 52 to have an extended arc, not to mention notable crossover event. That was always going to create sales. It’s a little much for Snyder to take this success with the kind of ego everyone’s now associating with Liefeld. That’s what you call irony, folks.

(For the record, Liefeld might’ve been referencing Morrison. Or Finch. Or perhaps even Daniel. Maybe Snyder.)

If there’s tension at the New 52, it’s because the whole thing is ambitious, with a lot of titles floating around, and probably almost as many egos. It’s like juggling a dozen flaming pies. (Part of that is a Beatles reference. Even the Beatles imploded.)

liefield gets work regularly, and has created the most memorable characters in today’s comics(…) youngblood, deadpool, cable…”

That’s what I call a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C list of I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-LE characters!!!!! HURRAH!!!!! ;p

I have a good idea for a new title:

The Desperate Defenders of Rob Liefeld


I have to say that the only comment so far that makes sense in this entire thing is Snyder asking why the hell is Liefeld angry at him…………………..

He was just asking, respectfully I might add.

Liefeld looks like someone who have serious anger control issues.

LOL @ “great” characters from the imagination of Sir Liefeld.

Take this character, take that character, mash ‘em together, make them grit their teeth 24/7 and fit ‘em with eighty pouches, and…voila! New character! Has the name Butterbum been used?

Liefeld is an immature egotistical child with beginner art student artistic ability that got lucky drawing comics when an editor felt like hiring a poor shmuck. That’s the basic truth. And finally he’s coming undone with his own words like the untalented hack he’s always been. He uses templates and interns to draw his pages, plagiarizes other artists work in his panels and regurgitates what his tasteless myopic misguided fans here referred to as ” creating some of the most memorable characters in comics”. Lets be clear: his characters, deadpool included are nothing more than clones or copies of characters he wanted to someday draw at DC comics. Deadpool was a cheap copy of Deathstroke that did not become multidimensional until other creators got ahold of him. Once artists like Jason Pearson, Jeff Johnson, or started drawing the character along with good writers thats when his creations flourished. This is happening right now to his once garbage creations such as Prophet and Glory. The truth is Rob Liefeld as a creator, draftsman / artist, and person sucks. He should be forgotten and he should never be hired again and exiled forever. Lots of people hate him because they can see the truth that lies before them. A shmuck wanna be genius artist who has an undeserved ego the size of a rock star. I’d urge people to just ignore him going forward. He’s a troll and doesn’t need to be fed any longer. In fact I’d urge Marvel to change and radically redesign all his idiotic characters drastically as a big F U to Rob. he clearly deserves it.

As others have pointed out here, Rob may be bi-polar or something. This is not the way a normal person acts and it’s indefensible. He obviously needs help, not fans.

btw,since his no longer in Hawkman,i hope he stop using that avatar

Josh, you sound completely immature. You’re making broad assumptions based off of irate fanboy bias toward a comic creator that has more than paid his dues. I have to agree though, that throwing out personal insults has left him open to equally asinine insults from mouth breathing fanboys with a chip on there shoulders.

Toby, it is you who are the fanboy. And you have absolutely no fanboy what you’re fanboying about. How you can sit here and fanboy fanboy while fanboyly fanboying the fanboy is complete fanboy.

Did I mention fanboy?


I hate to defend Rob, but I think that I kinda have to. Let’s get one thing out of the way- I don’t like his work. Never have. Never will. I gave up reading comics for a couple of years in the mid-90’s when Rob and Jim Lee etc. were on the X-books…and then every book was trying for that Image aesthetic with leather jackets and a buckle/pouch combo for everyone. I hated that era of comics.

I don’t know why DC handed him the reins on three books. I will assume that this was based on a vain hope that he still has a fan following from the 90’s, which they hoped might transfer to three low-selling books.

However, I have never met the guy. He could be a complete @$$hole or he could be the nicest guy in comics. He has raised some issues with the conditions of his employment at DC, which echo some of the issues already voiced by other pro’s leaving. John Rozum and George Perez said pretty much the same things about the current state of play within DC. This is a fact.

As a reader, I have found a number of the books to be rather muddled and lacking in focus (a story beat in Superman which had no bearing on the story is followed up in Stormwatch…or was it? I don’t really remember seeing it). And there have been various creative shakeups on the books. Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen are off Superman after 6 months (and the annual which was originally solicited to be written by Giffen is now being done by Scott Lobdell). It is pure speculation on my part, but I think that the end product being published by DC is indicative of the editorial indecision that DC is putting out.

Did Rob conduct himself well in his various tweets? I don’t think so. I think that he owes a lot of apologies. Will Batman always outsell Hawkman? Of course, he’s Batman. Is Scott Snyder doing good work? I think his Batman book has been one of the most consistently excellent books of the relaunch. Are we picking on Rob because we believe him to be an unreliable, abominably untalented and unforgivably rude creator who always seems to land on his feet, rather than focussing on the issues he raised. Yes.

The amount of fanboys funking up the comments to defend this moron are hilarious. News flash, Rob is / always was / and always will be a jerk. I understand you have delusions of the 90s still trapped in your virgin minds, but get over yourselves. There was no excuse for him acting like a 12-year-old to a fellow industry professional. You know who throws tantrums like a 12-year-old… a 12-year-old. Synder was way more tactful and was actually intelligent with a 140 character limit, but unfortunately he was talking to an inferior and had to drop 100 IQ points just to further the conversation. But no, please defend the manchild because he so needs your moral support, who else will wipe the froth from his mouth and the leaky dreams of his career from his ass.

It’s funny how Scott Snyder is perceived as the bad guy to some because he’s work for hire for DC and by default, he represents “THE EVIL CORPORATION”. There’s this crazy thing in society called common courtesy that social networking makes us forget about. Liefeld was out of line with his personal comments whether you side with creators or editors.

To clarify, I am in no way condoning Rob’s behaviour. I think that it was reprehensible and not the way a mature adult should conduct him or herself. Nor am I a Rob Liefeld fanboy. I have never seen the attaction. And oddly I am like Scott Snyder. I have seen a couple of interviews with him and he seems to be a nice guy, and his work over the last couple of years has been very good. I think that he is one of the most technically gifted writers that DC have (i.e. there is always a lot going on in his stories, and he appears to have plotted about 10 steps ahead.) He’s a little bit like Jonathan Hickman in that regard, but with a completely different style and approach. I’m a bit behind on American Vampire and am waiting for the first trade of his Swamp Thing run. However his run on Detective Comics was outstanding.

Neither do I see DC as an evil corporation. It is a corporation and the purpose of that is the maximise value for it’s shareholders. I just see it as a consumer issue. As one of their customers I believe that their products (which I have paid good money for) are not as good as they should be. Rob Liefeld, George Perez etc. have highlighted some of the potential reasons for that.

Sorry, that should read “And oddy I do like Scott Snyder”

From Liefeld to Snyder to Brevoort to the spectators to the fans… this whole incident has really brought out the best in all of us.

I love you guys. I love US.

Johnny Thunders

August 28, 2012 at 9:03 am

The way he offended Tom Brevoort was totally unnecessary and inexcusable.
I don’t see reason for such stupidity… the guy have no manners.


Love Liefeld (I do not) or hate him (I don’t hate him; I’m more severely irritated that he keeps being brought to my attention and confused by his supposed popularity…but I don’t hate him.)

Quitting a job doesn’t make him a bad person; it’s OK to quit a job that you find frustrating and he did have that right. What was wrong was to publicly start trashing DC as a company, the people he worked with (some directly and others minimal to not at all) and then to publicly start airing conversations that were intended to be personal correspondence between professionals. That was a petty and dickish move and just once more reinforces the understanding of the person I always believed him to be.

I’m going to have to side with Scott on this one. Ron Liefeld is overrated and extremely immature. Unprofessional. Rob has always been picking fights with other artists and writters since the 90s (via Wizard magazine, the Alan Moore vedetta) He’s a poor man’s Jim Lee and no one really wants to work with him anymore, but they have to.

And to Liefeld whiteknights:

If a man doesn’t do his job properly should I really care if he is a devoted father? No. Business is business. Rob Liefeld didn’t deserve a penny for his “work” in the comic industry.

That’s why Rob’s getting mad because this all being pointed out to him. Scott was just trying to defend himself and his comrades. Rob’s in denial. So are the people that hired him.

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If only Rob, Tom, Scott and everyone else would take lessons from John Byrne about professionalism and how to deal with comic book companies and fellow comic book creators.

What little respect/admiration I have (then) on Rob ended here.

People hate on the 90’s art style but Liefeld isnt the only person to have a 90’s style. Lee, Silvestri, McFarlane, Finch, I could go on and on. The 90’s was one of the best and most artistically dynamic period in comics. These people who dog pile on 90’s art today dont know what they are talking about. Haters gonna hate thats all I got to say about that.

@David: Great comment about “90’s art style.” I have this to say about Leifeld’s art in particular: Love it or hate it, he burst onto the scene in the 90’s with a style that was original, in an industry-wide sea of copiers. I personally have other favorites, but even if just for it’s originality, I don’t think his art should be thrown under the bus.

And NONE of that is a reason for him to be a dickhead, regardless of why Batman sells or does not sell, which is totally moot.

I really don’t know who to root for here
the man who personifies 90s excess(and some of my fondest childhood comics)
or the man who cant seem to write a good batman story to save his life
we need a vote

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