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San Diego Comic-Con 2013 badges go on sale today for 2012 attendees [UPDATED]

The line for next year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego starts forming today. Preregistration for the 2013 convention starts at 8 a.m. Pacific today for those who attended the con this past July.

If you bought a four-day attendee or one-day attendee badge in 2012, you should have received an email with registration details for 2013–this doesn’t apply to press, pros and exhibitors (exhibitor information can be found here). Pricing for next year’s convention is available in this handy chart from the CCI site:

As noted in the con’s registration badge sale FAQ, you’ll need your Member ID account. You can buy passes for three other people besides yourself, as long as they also attended the con in 2012.

Open online registration will occur sometime in early 2013 for the general public. The 2013 SDCC will run July 18-21, with preview night on July 17.

Update, 8:16 a.m. Pacific: Preregistration has opened, with reports coming on Twitter of registration going slowly but steadily. “We are opening the waiting room door slowly to ensure that the system is running efficiently,” one hopeful customer tweeted. Some report being #14,000 in line, while others are reporting they’ve completed registration. So it seems to be working.

“This beats waiting in line at 3AM…Maybe… depending on if I get tickets or not,” Alienkid tweeted. Online preregistration replaces the usual at-the-show preregistration CCI has done in the past, meaning you spent part of your con waiting in line for tickets for next year’s con.

Update, 8:26 a.m. Pacific: What the heck, here are some fun tweets as people wait in the virtual line:

lisi28: “Right now the #SDCC #Olympics are happening & everyone is fighting for a spot on the floor… Fight to the death #mortalkombat”

Tony B Kim: “If you listen quietly, you can hear the sound of nerds leveling up all across the interweb. #SDCC #tickets”

LibrariNerd: “Good thing this line isn’t for Hall H, ’cause I’d never be getting in… #sdcc”

Comic Con Blog: “Typically people have multiple computer monitors to watch stocks. I have them for #sdcc tickets”

Update, 8:33 a.m. Pacific: According to folks on Twitter, the four-day + preview night tickets that were earmarked for preregistration are gone.

Update, 8:37 a.m. Pacific: Four-day passes are now gone–at least those that were earmarked for preregistration. If you missed them, don’t fret–you’ll have another chance during general registration. Which isn’t saying much, I know … they sell out pretty fast then, too.

Update, 8:58 a.m. Pacific: About an hour in, it looks like Friday-only and Saturday-only passes are gone as well.

Update, 9:19 a.m. Pacific: And preregistration is over.



That’s pretty disappointing. Why give the people that already attended the chance to buy badges first?
Shouldn’t be the other way around?
I don’t live in the States and I’ve been waiting to buy the 4 days with preview night badge for 2013 con. But looks I won’t be able to make it.

The online preregistration replaces the on-site preregistration they used to do, where attendees got the chance to buy tickets for the next year’s show while at Comic-Con. So your chances of getting a badge probably aren’t any worse than they would be any other year.

I tried to get on the to buy my pass’s by using the provided link but I gave up and went to the Comic Con’s web sight and got on at 08:08 with 22,000 ahead of me. When I got to the head of the line at 9:08 the days I wanted were sold out. 4 days went about 08:30. Buying at the con was the best way to get pass’s till last year when I had to stand for 5 hours, and bearly got the pass’s I wanted. Up till last year I don’t thank I ever stood in line over an hour. I’ve waited longer for rides at Disney land. And it sucks I could not buy pass’s for my daughter and her husband last year as I had the year before and this year I could not because the could not get pass’s for this years. I miss when it was held at the EL Cortez hotel.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to attend this event. It’s become to big and exclusive. What’s the point in even trying to buy tickets? :( This really sucks. I hope SD Comic Fest and Nerd HQ don’t experience this problem eventually. I guess I’ll try and attend those.

At 8am, the preregistration page wouldn’t load for me and I didn’t get into the wait room until 8:06am. By 8:50ish, I got to register. However, there were no options for adult badges. Only single-day junior Thursday, Friday and Sunday badges were available. By the time I checked out, only Thursday and Sunday junior badges were available. Friday junior badge was gone because I was too slow to check out. That was a matter of seconds!

Previous attendees should get an early pre-reg. Many of us have been coming for decades. I like the on site purchase because I can control my own destiny. I’m happy to get in line at 4AM to be able to buy my 4 day pass w/ preview.

I was leery of online reg. When I clicked on site I was 767 in line, (So I was stoked about that). When you click, you are in what is called the waiting room and waiting for your turn to actually log in and purchase. Things went quickly. Even very quickly. I do IT work. For a site to accommodate 20,000 users who are purchasing something and dot it basically in an hour is mind blowing to me.

For those who are frustrated, especially those out of North America, here’s what I did. I prepared as a band does with rehearsals for a concert. I read everything I could. Twice. I practiced logging into Comic-con with my ID and PW because I wasn’t sure what would happen. I connected directly with a cable to my modem. I upped my internet speed to 25 mb down/ 5 up. I had my house and mobile phones ready. As I was earlier in line than my sister (attendee for 25+ years), I purchased her badge as I was earlier in line. C-C allows you to purchase 4 badges total. So I was on the phone with her getting her info. I should say I opened up several tabs in firefox and Internet Explorer and pasted the link in the URL box. I didn’t need that but I did everything I know to prepare so that if I didn’t get what I wanted I would feel OK as I did everything I could.

Good Luck to everyone when open reg comes in 2013 — JW

I just saw Russell’s comments… Must have been some hiccup and I feel for you. My sister entered the waiting room at about the same time as you – 8:05 – 8:07. She was 14,539 in line. she probably would have got to log in about time you did. We cancelled of course when I was able to get her ticket. Above I detailed my method. When open reg comes in 2013 maybe my prep will work for you. Good Luck!

I was able to get my tickets because my sister-in-law was ready. She knew to copy and paste the URL into the browser this time. When I tried clicking in, i must have done it right before the time and was pushed all the way back to like 10000 in line. She got in at 1300. We were both able to get 4 day with preview night for 2013. For 2012 badges my clicking in right before the time worked well but probably with some luck. Next year I will be prepared better and will copy and paste into multiple tabs and when one fails go to the next. Of course, that would mean I get as lucky next year as I did this year and luck is a huge part of it.

So frustrated. Right at 8 I clicked on the link and…. Nothing happened. The page kept timing out. Finally at like 8:07 or so I finally get through. I see a graphic that says “registration is open!” only… There’s nothing to click on from there. I reload the page, same thing. So this takes up another few min. Finally I notice that a graphic is missing on this page. I click on that empty spot and I get into the registration room. And I’m #23,000 in line. By the time it’s my turn to buy, all 4-day passes are gone. All thurs, fri and sat badges are gone. So all I can get are $&@! sunday badges. I’ve always gone all 4 days. This sucks. 

The only way I was able to get in was to have 2 browser instances open. The first one had the pre-registration email open so I could click on the link, the second had the URL from the email copy/pasted into it. When 8:00 AM hit I pressed enter on the second browser instance and noticed that it was not connecting, so went to the first instance and clicked on the link in the email which worked (surprisingly).

Was able to get in to get passes for myself and 2 others. I was hoping to get a pass for another friend/2012 attendee, but as soon as I finished the 3rd pass order the only option was to return to the Comic-con website – so it looks like the limit is 3 total, not yourself and 3 other 2012 attendees.

when I logged on at like 8:04 I was 13,000 in line. My friend got in 114 in line and bought 3 badges. My only concern now is that we have received only 2 ‘we are processing your order’ emails and not one for the 3rd. kinda nerve-racking…. where is my other email? anyone else having this problem?

Praemonitus, praemunitus?

Before last year i used to walk up and get my next years passes without waiting inline and I would get my 4day with preview no problem…then last year they did that whole line debacle but i still got my 4day with preview and one for my buddy waiting in line at 4am i was like 200th+ in this year I had to settle for individual days and my friend i usually attend with didnt get any…now we are going to have to bust into the regular registration line…sadly our chances are slim to get the preview night on regular registration…my streak of 21 4 day passes out the window

Mysterious Stranger

August 4, 2012 at 7:30 pm

B – emails are going out very slowly. I got my 2 order confirmations (myself and my girlfriend) about 2 hours after I completed registration. Got one “paid” email for my badge a couple hours later and then 4 hours after that got the paid email for my girlfriends ticket. They say up to 72 hours for everything to go through so be patient.

I got mine for a third year in a row. I can’t wait. Even though it seemed like less people dressed up this year.

como demonios compro entradas desde mexico? (yes, i don´t speac english)

When are they selling tickets to the general public. I need to know ASAP. Please let me know Thanks

does this mean that the rest of us (the peope who didnt go this year) can’t go?

Nope. Tickets for the general public will go on sale in early 2013.

Comic con needs to go back to basics. Ten years ago it was simple and not such a draw to the general population. You had to either love comic books or Sci-Fi to appreciate what Comic Con offered.

My husband has been going for well over 20 years (since it’s opening in 1991) and has watched it slowly become the circus it is today.

Here’s hoping we can get tickets for 2013. My husband once told me that back in the 1990’s you walked into the comic-con convention and gave them your name and some other information, they would then type (that’s right folks – type) a badge for you. It was a simple, lonely table with just a guy/gal signing up true comic book fans and science fiction die hards, then collecting the allotted amount for your badge. No need for a 4 day pass because you could literally go in everyday without such fuss.

Yeah… Comic-con definitely needs to take it down a notch and recapture its original essence. They should definitely weed out Twilight fans as well as other non comic-book related entertainment (Glee??). Some TV shows (oddball cartoons or science fiction TV shows) do belong there but most do not.

comic con noob here, about when do the regular sales start? dear god dont tell me they already did >.>

Traveller: necesitas a ir al sitio de Comic con, para que obtengas tu member ID (sin un member ID no puedes comprar entradas). Cuando ya tienes tu ID, te van a mandar un e-mail avisandote de la fecha en comprar entradas. Todavia estoy esperando para ese e-mail, pero creo que van a tener entradas para la gente que no fueron el año pasado. En Agosto tuvieron las entradas en venta para los que fueron en Julio de 2012.
Perdoname si hay algun error con mi español, no es mi lengua nativa. xD

sitio de SDCC:

It worked fine the way it was when it was in the Sails/autograph/badge area. Never had a problem till they moved it to the hotel, and now this…

I never had a problem with a line or not getting the badge I wanted before. This year, I have for the the first time, a four day badge without preview night. Now this is a small matter to me, but I’m sure many get the point.

I feel like they now basically just offer attendees two chances to register for the badge they want instead of one, nothing more…

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