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Spiders are from Mars, but where are gorillas from?

Remember that time Gorilla Grodd fought KISS? Me neither, but that’s my first thought when I saw this crazily ingenious new webcomic Glam Rock Gorilla.

Created by writer Brett Von Doom and artists Ser Tom The Blind, Astro-Sarah and Maya Nord, Glam Rock Gorilla is described as a “cosmic comic rock opera”, chronicling a petulant prima donna primate taking a groovy ride through space and fighting for the rock n’ roll dream. The creative team just finished a first issue’s worth of stories, and are already starting on a de facto second issue in this weekly comic.

Here’s a mind-altering page to get you started:




I’m diggin’ it, thanks!

Ha ha ha… this is kind of awesome. It reminds me of a Joe Casey comic (definitely a compliment). Also, that is probably the best “before the jump” image ever seen on this or any other blog.

“Gorilla played guitar, jamming good with weird and gilly / And the monkeys from mars”

Awesome ;)

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