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Stephanie Brown kicks butt in teaser for fan-made Batgirl webseries

Stephanie Brown still may be absent from the DC Universe — and, yes, the world of Smallville — but the superheroine is now receiving her moment in the spotlight in a fairly impressive trailer for Batgirl: Spoiled, a fan-produced webseries that follows the crime-fighter “on her journey to understand her place in Gotham.”

Directed by Damian Beurer, the teaser stars Marisha Ray as Batgirl, and features cameos by Oracle, Commissioner Gordon, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batwoman, The Question and others. Information about where and when to watch the first episode is promised soon.

Stephanie Brown has never lead a charmed life. But as a part of Gotham’s famed ‘Bat Family’, she has thwarted themed evil-doers and become extremely skilled in her trade. Her world now is one of adrenaline and danger, duty and honor. She has been striving her whole life to get here, but is this really what she wants?

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Sigh. I’m always hesitant to say anything negative about fan films because I appreciate all the effort that goes into a project like this. But man, this could really benefit from some POW! ZOK! WHAM! embellishments.

Had potential but squanders it.

Chuck Dixon! Chuck Dixon! Chuck Dixon!!!! You can’t kill his stuff, no matter how hard you try, DC.

not sure how to feel about this….I mean, it was decently done AND it had The Question in it but Stephanie Brown’s entire existence (and the existence of a fanbase for her) make me want to puke….

Upon re-watching with sound I think the soundtrack needs to be more fun and not video game soundtrack-esque. Has potential, though!

:) Cool. Maybe…just maybe the DC people might realize that Steph is worth using in the new 52 somewhere.
Give her a shot at a title with Cassandra. Those two together could carry a comic title.

At least give her the Spoiler identity again…..

Be nice if it was Barbara Gordon

I liked it until she got captured. I can never figure out why people don’t just kill them then…

@Talison- that’s just wrong

Hey, I don’t like Stephanie. My opinion.

That was pretty cool.

Thank goodness it’s not Barbara Gordon.

Putting the opinions aside, I think the video was entertaining to a point. It needs work on the audio and exactly what @Karl Heitmueller said: More “POW! ZOK! WHAM!”

Great fight scene, but it stopped just when it got really, really interesting. Since this is “fan based” I guess it won’t get too sexual.

Oh, an unmasking would be awesome.

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