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Third annual Read Comics in Public Day is Aug. 28

From Read Comics in Public Day 2011

In case there were any doubt, Brian Heater has confirmed that the third annual Read Comics in Public Day “is on like Ultron.” Once again, it will be held Aug. 28, commemorating the birthday of Jack Kirby, who would have turned 95 this year.

What’s Read Comics in Public Day, you ask? It’s a worldwide event established in 2010 by Heater and Sarah Morean to encourage fans to promote the medium by, well, reading a comic book in a public place.

“Seeing as how the first two years the holiday was celebrated on a weekend, a number of folks have asked whether the date of this year’s event will be adjusted so as to maintain that standard,” Heater writes. “The simple answer is: celebrate over the weekend — and during the week. Heck, read comics in public all month long, just to be sure. That goes double for the librarian who emailed to alert us to the fact that her library closes on Tuesdays. […] As for how to celebrate, well, there are both simple and more complex answers here as well. The easy part is: just read comics in public — on trains, on your lunch break, at the park, in the library. Throw a couple of old favorites or new releases in your bag and get to it. And hey, bring some to share. Remember that year that everyone outside of your immediate family bought you a copy of Watchmen for your birthday? It’s a great book, granted, but you don’t need 15 copies, do you?”

To see how participants celebrated in previous years, you can check out the Read Comics in Public Day pool on Flickr. Robert Sergel has also created posters for libraries and comics stores, which you can download from the event website.



Minneapolis represent.

Simon DelMonte

August 1, 2012 at 5:10 pm

Darn. Jumped the gun. As I do every Wednesday.

Um, I read comics in public almost every day already, but it’s a good idea to promote!

YEAH! Minneapolis! While the Walker Art Museum is a little too far for me to drag the kids just to read some comics for a morning, we’ll be finding a nice park a little further south. Right now we’re burning through Don Rosa’s Scrooge, but maybe we can find something else by then. Any suggestions?

@ziti vucci: Same here. Every time I have to go somewhere where I have to wait (doctor’s office, repair shop, park, work, etc.) I usually carry a brown bag with a few comics in it. No shame.

Heck yeah, Minneapolis! I am IN that photo! Bam!

Another day for nerds to feel special, yet pointless all the same. What a stupid day.

Not pictured – @purenoumena (who took that photo and was proudly also present!!!) =D Can’t wait for Aug 28th.

Apparently I’m reading something very entertaining as Danno (@staplegenius) and Nick (@NickStraight) are peeking at my book.

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