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Top Cow’s Cyber Force Kickstarter campaign raises $117,135

Top Cow Productions on Friday concluded its Kickstarter campaign to fund a Cyber Force revival with $117,135, exceeding its goal by more than $42,000.

Announced early last month, the resurrection of the series coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Marc Silvestri comic that launched Top Cow Productions. The company hoped to raise enough money through the crowd-funding website to make the first five issues of the reimagined series available for free, both digitally and in print. While the original comic followed a group of cybernetically enhanced mutants on the run from an international conglomerate, the Cyber Force in the new series — by Silvestri, Matt Hawkins and Khoi Pham — is described as “bio-cybernetic steampunk.”

“From Marc, myself and everyone at Top Cow thank you so much for your pledges, your support and spreading the word around for us,” Hawkins wrote Friday in a Kickstarter update. He had said last week that if the campaign surpassed $100,000 Top Cow would make copies of the first trade paperback available for free to libraries that request them, and work with charities to provide comics to U.S. troops in war zones.

Cyber Force debuts in October.



anthony from team spawns

August 20, 2012 at 2:57 pm

this shouldn’t even have been allowed on kickstarter, top cow is a publisher, couldn’t they’ve gotten money from image to publish this? and isn’t the way they get payed to publish comics that they sell them in the direct market? how is this grassroots? it’s embarrassing that top cow can’t just publish this comic with the resources they’ve been accumulating over the past 20 years of their existence and even more embarrassing that people would help them revive this failed product just because it was on kickstarter and they want the ultra rare limited kickstarter cyberforce tshirt.

stop complaining Anthony. Like you can go to your boss and say “hey, i want to use our resources to make all these books a revive them, and then give them out for free..will you let me” I’m sure your boss will be happy to say yes…

It’s allowed to be on kickstarter because the plan isn’t to sell these issues, it’s to give them away and build readership, something that just wasn’t in their budget to do. If fans are so passionate about these books and want to help fund this project, then more power to them.

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