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What was this Supergirl project, and why didn’t it happen?

On her blog, Faith Erin Hicks shared some Supergirl drawings that she describes as being for a project that never got off the ground. She was never told the fate of the comic/cartoon/pajamas/whatever-it-was, but guesses it’s not happening because “generally when you don’t hear back about something for a year and a half, the project’s probably dead.”

I’m guessing that the New 52 is what got in the way, but regardless, it’s too bad. Whatever it was, I would have wanted it.



I still want Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade

Why would this Supergirl need to be set in the New 52? It would do much better as a separate (and more fun!) spin-off series. Hell a one-off graphic novel woulda been great too!

She should be drawing some Spider-Man loves Mary Jane

I would have stepped on people to get this project. I mean, the reason I started up my (unfortunately on hiatus) webcomic Superhero Girl is that I really love the idea of superheroes, but it sure seems like any comic written with a young female superhero doesn’t have me in mind as a reader*. Which makes me so saaaaad! I want to read about girls with superpowers punching things and wearing costumes and saving the day and most importantly, having fun**! So I went away and did my own superhero comic, and DC noticed but this never got off the ground, I guess. No idea what happened.

Anyway, Superhero Girl is pretty much exactly what I would’ve done with Supergirl; stupid adventures, punching stuff. What else do you want to do when you’re a teenager with superpowers? PUNCH EVERYTHING.

So yeah, read this instead I guess>>

*Yes, there is the occasional exception. I really liked Batgirl: Year One. Is that still out of print?
**I’m fine with the dark n gritty thing, but for reals, having superpowers would be SO MUCH FUN. I would like a little fun in my supercomics, every now and then. :)

Supergirl has actually been one of the more pleasant surprises of the New 52, but man, Faith Erin Hicks drawing Supergirl? I’d be all over that.

This looks good, it’s a shame it never came to anything. Faith, did you try the Bryan Q Miller Batgirl series?

And I also want Cosmic Adventures in the Ninth Grade (and up).

AND I learn that we missed out on a Faith Erin Hicks Supergirl project? How could this hangover get any worse??

After seeing zaftig supergirl in super best friends forever, yeah, i want that one please. Please!

Ps its fucking ridiculous that faith erin hicks cant get a project on the nuDC but Scott Lobdell get 3 books.

@X: Ps its fucking ridiculous that faith erin hicks cant get a project on the nuDC but Scott Lobdell get 3 books.

Yes……… and they gave 3 books to Rob Liefeld too!

Those sketches are great. Too bad, I’d buy the hell out of a Faith Erin Hicks drawn Supergirl book.

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