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Art Barrage | Special (nearly) all-British edition

Simon Bisley’s return to 2000AD after 22 years absence comes in the form of the cover to the upcoming Prog 1800. It’s already dividing opinion. I’ve never blamed Bisley for the worst excesses of his copyists, and this image has its high points — the Judge Death and Mean Machine figures, drawn in Bisley’s mature style, are particularly good — but it is hard to see past the great big unnecessary arse in the middle of this composition (via Comics Alliance).

Much more below, including the Beatles, Shaky Kane, Brendan McCarthy, Jamie Hewlett and Duncan Fegredo.

The blog It’s Nice That spotlights a book that takes a nice broad focus on the various comics about/featuring cameos by/starring the Beatles.

Spotted a couple of nice pieces on Facebook, where a few artists are using the social networking giant as de facto blogs. Here’s Shaky Kane’s Cap’n Dinosaur, from DrawMoreInc‘s Nobodies volume 2.

Brendan McCarthy posted some little-seen trading card art from way back when, his version of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

And Alan Martin posted another recent Jamie Hewlett cartoon. Great use of color in this ‘un (and while we’re at it — here’s a short interview with Hewlett, wearing a nice whistle; and buy some Jim Mahfood Everyone Loves Tank Girl original art).

Duncan Fegredo tweeted loads of his layouts, breakdowns and pencils from Darkness Calls, then posted them all together at Storify.

Bonus Yank artist! Chuck BB gets in on all the Dredd excitement, draws Ol’ Stoney Face in a fetching pair of kitten heels.



Simon Bisley is, without a doubt, one of the greatest action cartoonists on the planet. I know that he has a tendency to paint his women as if it where still the 90’s, but that’s his thing. Plus, his women are almost always competent and capable of handling themselves among the boys, so he’s in good hands with his writers. I look forward with eager anticipation to his next work.

I poked in here for Bisley, and found a Hewlett interview as bonus. Sweet!

That arse is ridiculous. I’ve never been a fan of Bisley’s work, but I can appreciate his uniqueness at least. Not my cup of tea, but I understand how it could be other’s.

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