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Bruce Timm’s Twitter account gets interesting [Updated]

Living legend Bruce Timm quietly joined Twitter back in July, but only in the last couple of weeks has his activity there started to speed up. Never an ardent self-publicist, once upon a time, you had to wait for his art dealer to post his newest sketches and commissions, or else trawl Google Images. Now there’s a direct source, and it’s flowing quickly. Plenty more examples below.

UPDATE: Apparently this Twitter account isn’t actually Timm’s. Still, the art is nice.




Is that really him? I was wondering if there had been confirmation when he started following me.

It do hope it really is Timm. I’m really enjoying the account whoever is running it.

I’m not so sure it is really him. This is all art that has been posted various places online for years.

Bruce Timm’s twitter account isn’t really him. Just as Gail Simone. Please update this page or remove it.

Why do you think gail simone isn’t gail simone?

Really like the Hammer Films’ Dracula art

@Dan- I’m guessing batmansgirl had a typo and that should have been “Just ask Gail Simone”.

Found this on twitter.

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