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Celebrate National Comic Book Day — with cake!

Look, if it’s posted on the Internet it must be true, right? The extremely generic-looking website Holiday Insights asserts that Sept. 25 is National Comic Book Day, although it admits it could find no documentation or factual information to back that up. Apparently there has been no presidential proclamation, or at least none that the crack research team at Holiday Insights could dig up.

As a former reporter, though, I can tell you that these manufactured holidays are a godsend on a slow news day. So despite the absence of any visible celebrations in the comics world, a number of sites have picked up on it. The most comprehensive one I found was from the Port Jefferson, New York, Patch, which asked readers what comics they read, interviewed a local retailer and reached out to their library for a list of suggested reading. posted a slideshow of comic book heroes. And this is kind of cool: Last year, someone asked Victor Dandridge what he was doing to celebrate. He had never heard of National Comic Book Day, but he decided to run with it and had a celebration at his local comics store; I’m assume he was the one who also created the logo above.

If you really want to celebrate, though, check out Alex Zalben’s list of ten suggestions for celebrating National Comic Book Day, including dressing as your favorite creator, getting bitten by a radioactive animal, and baking a “variant cake”: “Every great holiday has its own food … for National Comic Book Day, it’s traditional to bake a four-color cake, and then make another cake covered in foil called a ‘variant cake.’ You must NEVER eat or touch the variant cake.”

How will you be celebrating this important holiday?



I think a Provincial Holiday, like Simcoe Day, Or May Two-Four! We could all get out our favourite four colour comics and sit out in our Muskoka chairs, read comics on the end of the dock before we bring in the boats and close up the cottage.

A thermos of Hortons (with timbits) we could look up at the four colours of trees (red, yellow, brown and orange) — fireworks over the lake at sundown, as we salute Alpha Flight, Nelvana of the Northern Lights and Captain Canuck!

(oh wait, was that only an American holiday?)

A reporter for one of our local morning news shows is a cosplayer and comics fan – she did a remote site taping this morning at one of our LCS to celebrate National Comics Day. I couldn’t get up at 3:30 a.m. to travel down to the shop to be part of the taping, but I appreciate what she did to highlight a local business and comics.

Don’t forget to save a slice of the cake as a souvenir, just like when Superboy left Smallville!

The best variant cake is covered in white fondant. The cake itself does not have to be edible, or even cake, as no one will ever see the insides. Display it on a cake stand with a clear plastic cover.

It’s a hoax! An imaginary holiday!

Or maybe an alcohol-infused daydream:

A co-worker suggested that today is Movie Hero Day, as Mark Hamill, Christopher Reeve, and Will Smith share a birthday today. (You can also add Michael Douglas.)

P.S. If you’re going to make a logo for NCBD, you should use an interrobang, just to be nerdy.

I think Free Comic Book Day makes this holiday redundant.

I have to agree with sandwich eater, FCBD as well as Read Comics in Public Day/Jack Kirby’s birthday are plenty.

A THIRD comic book day seems superfluous and manufactured up to push fall sales figures.

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