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Comics A.M. | Stan Lee cancels Ohio Comic Con appearance

Stan Lee

Creators | Following last week’s news that Stan Lee  has canceled his sold-out Thursday engagement at a Toledo library event due to “a very serious circumstance,” Wizard World has announced the 89-year-old writer won’t be appearing as scheduled at this weekend’s Ohio Comic Con in Columbus. Responding to a blog post titled, “Is Stan Lee OK?” the administrator of the Stan Lee’s Comikaze Facebook page wrote, “It sucks Stan had to cancel [the Toledo event], but you know the man doesn’t just do conventions. he puts in a hard days work creating. Its really sad that the Toledo Blade had to go spread nonsense. If you want to be up to date on stan then follow us, cuz he kinda owns our company. Its sad that a some blogs are scaring fans. not really nice.” [The Beat]

Creators | Artist Molly Crabapple, who was arrested Sept. 17 in New York City during a protests marking the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, writes about the experience and her involvement with the movement. []

Creators | In Germany for the opening of his retrospective exhibition at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, and to receive the Siegfried Unseld prize in Berlin, Art Spiegelman discusses Maus and the impact it has had on his life, In the Shadow of No Towers, and why he likes the comics medium: “There’s a certain kind of making that’s like a seismograph of thinking. It makes thought visible. And that to me is exciting and interesting when I look at others work. And all I can offer is making my thought visible.” [Deutsche Welle]

Alan Moore

Creators | Alan Moore talked a bit about his early influences, the origins of Tom Strong, and his upcoming work, Providence, in a wide-ranging discussion at the N.I.C.E. comics festival in Northampton, U.K. This report includes links to video of part of the panel. [Bleeding Cool]

Digital comics | David Lloyd discusses Aces Weekly, the new digital anthology he will launch later this week, and Valley of Shadows, the comic he has written and illustrated for it. [Forbidden Planet]

Auctions | Bill Watterson’s original art for a 1986 Calvin and Hobbes comic will go on the auction block in November. The piece belongs to fellow cartoonist Brian Basset (Adam@Home, Red and Rover), who swapped artwork with Watterson back in 1986. Calvin and Hobbes originals are rare, so this auction is expected to bring in a lot of coin. [The Daily Cartoonist]

A Wrinkle in Time

Creators | Hope Larson, who was ready to give up on graphic novels when she got the opportunity to adapt Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, talks about how the experience changed her view of the book — and how it changed her. [Huffington Post]

Creators | Mort Todd, who was an editor at Cracked magazine and also edited Marvel’s rockstar bio-comics, is causing a stir in the Maine town where he now lives; he publishes a weekly newspaper that includes a lot of comics (including a new version of Speed Racer, which he somehow got the rights to do), and a couple of his editorials have caused quite a stir. [Maine Sunday Telegram]

Digital comics | Shannon O’Leary tracks the five-year rise of digital distributor comiXology from award-winning business plan to the dominant player in today’s digital-comics market. [Publishers Weekly]

Conventions | Ethan Gilsdorf looks forward to this weekend’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE), which will feature Robert Sikoryak, Cathy Leamy and Adventure Time artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. []

Process | Tim Seeley describes how he came up with the cover for Ex Sanguine #1, from a flurry of initial sketches to the final product, and in the process, he reveals some of the thinking that went into the comic. [Dread Central]



It’s just too bad that the library here seems to be taking a “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” attitude to rescheduling Stan. (When I went to get my ticket recently, I was informed that it was ?_completely_ sold out. Which was apparently a first for the speaker series. Gaiman didn’t even sell out. (But apparently Nicholas Sparks “came close.”))

Can someone please make an “Official Statement” regarding Stan Lee’s health? I’m a young fan near Austin TX and would love to see Stan. I’m a big fan and am concerned for him with all these reports. Maybe his people or Stan himself can confirm that everything is fine. That maybe he is just overly busy and needs vacation time. I know he works alot, so some clarification would help. Hope to see you in Austin TX!! I’ve read all your books!

@David – A few things here…

1. Stan appeared at his own Con which was only a week ago (ended the 16th). Reports from that con mentioned him walking the con floor and nothing about him looking ill. Here’s an eyewitness account:

2. The man’s 89 years old and his birthday is in December (so he’s basically 90)

3. Both the cancelled appearances were in Ohio (which means flying across the country from LA)

Any 90 year old would have trouble spending all weekend on their feet just to hop on a plane 3 days later and fly across country to Ohio to again spend all weekend on their feet and then do an interview the day after. My feeling is Stan legitimately wanted to do all this but after feeling how much his Con took out of him realized he just couldn’t keep up with the hectic schedule.

But that doesn’t mean he’s sick. The healthiest 90 year old in the world would have trouble keeping up with that schedule.

Is it really that out of line for The Blog to ask if back to back cancellations by a 90 year old guest MIGHT be health related? Is that really that much of a stretch? And if they are health related, is anybody really gonna throw a pissy fit because of it?

Who said it was out of line to suggest it might be health related?

My reply at very least was just designed to reassure a young fan who might not have interacted with many 90 year olds and so might not realize the normal issues involved in being that age.

I think a direct answer concerning Mr. Stan Lees’ health would be great…Most fans ask out of genuine concern for a man who’s brought great joy to so many over the years,not for the fact he cancelled an appearence or two and are bitter about it.

I had tickets to the Toledo appearance but understand completely if there was a need to cancel (for a second time–first time was a ‘scheduling conflict’) for whatever reason. It just would be respectful to get any sort of statement from his staff, his booking agent or business folks as to what’s up to the people who bought tickets in Toledo and had the appearance canceled twice. Not asking too much. But I hope Mr. Lee’s health isn’t an issue and that I’ll be fortunate enough to hear him speak sometime in the near future.

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