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Dave Johnson’s Instagram feed goes sketch-crazy!

Following Dave Johnson on Twitter is always good value (he’s a funny guy), but especially these last few days, as he posted the sketches and commissions he’d done at Dragon*Con over the Labor Day weekend. Plenty more can be found below, including one that’s maybe a little NSFW.

(Dave draws a mean Richard Roundtree)

(After visiting his parents, post-convention, Johnson mentioned how tiring the non-stop sketching was. They responded by getting him to draw Spider-Man for their neighbor!)

(Yes, Johnson is aware that he’s mixed up the genders with his Spanish text!)



I would love to see Dave Johnson draw the interiors of a Spidey comic, even if it’s just a one-shot or something. There’s something about his depiction of Spidey, it has substantial weight, definitely not the wet-noodle, twisty-turny way some artist draw him. Johnson’s Spidey is believable. A sorta half-crazy guy who jumps off buildings and swings around town on the thinnest of threads :)

Great sketches from a master artist. Does anyone know how much he charges for sketches like these.

The spanish is actually correct! Dave johnson is an awesome artist and one cool dude.

So what’s his Instagram handle?


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