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DC announces JSA: The Liberty Files — The Whistling Skull

JSA: The Liberty Files -- The Whistling Skull #1

DC Comics has announced the December debut of JSA: The Liberty Files — The Whistling Skull, a six-issue miniseries by B. Clay Moore, Tony Harris and Dave McCaig.

Set in the world introduced in JSA: The Liberty File, the 2000 miniseries by Harris and Dan Jolley, The Whistling Skull takes place in 1940s Europe, where, “with the Nazi war machine on the move, crimes are still committed even in the smallest hamlets.” No specific story details have been provided.

“For readers looking for a new spin on the DC Universe, combined with brand new headlining characters, I think the book will be a treat, and it’s just the first chapter in a much larger story,” Moore told DC’s The Source.” This initial offering introduces readers to the legacy of the Whistling Skull in a wartime, pulp-infused setting, and should provide something fresh for readers to sink their teeth into.”

Published under DC’s now-defunct Elseworlds banner, The Liberty File and its 2003 sequel The Unholy Three portrayed members of the Justice Society of America as covert government operatives rather than superheroes: Codenamed the Unholy Three, the Bat (Batman), the Owl (Dr. Mid-Nite) and the Clock (Hourman) are eventually joined by the likes of Mister Terrific, Clark Kent, Mercury (The Flash), the Huntress and the Hawk (Hawkman) in their fight against Nazi and KGB agents.

“This is a long haul, sweet baby that’s finally coming together,” Harris said. “Clay and I have been developing The Whistling Skull for a few years now. Taking every precaution and the utmost care with every word and every line of ink to make sure we bring you something new, fresh and exciting. I could go on and on dropping catch phrases and bore you to death with ‘personal’ ‘important’ ‘kickass’ ‘bloobidy-blah-blab-blab.’ Not gonna happen here. What I will say is that a host of friends, contemporaries and scores of fans have shepherded this project carefully and steadily towards the waiting hands of countless devotees of mine and Clay’s creative efforts. It’s something I will NEVER forget as we approach the release of JSA: The Liberty Files — The Whistling Skull. And DC Comics’ willingness to marry and ‘seat’ Skull firmly in the JSA: Liberty Files universe that I was a part of creating in years past, in effect resurrecting that franchise and allowing us to breathe NEW life into it, is a testament to DC Comics’ dedication to producing exciting, new properties that have the potential to go on for many years to come. I feel like I did when James Robinson and I were preparing to release Starman into the world. I can barely sit still.”




This is very exciting to me, not only because I greatly enjoyed the previous “JSA: Liberty Files” stories and not just because I am a huge fan of Tony Harris, but also because it means the possibility is there for other Elseworlds stories to be published. Elseworlds was a fantastic way for creators to be able to tell stories with familiar characters and settings that had no set rules. Sure, the line got a little out of hand and silly at times, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t viable. Bring on more!

It’s an Elseworlds … and an Elseworlds where the “else” is a take-off on the old DC Universe, at that. Good for DC in proceeding with this, and not letting the fact that it’s tangentially related to the old DCU continuity slow it down. Possibly this ought have been where THE SHADE miniseries lived, too.

So they’re just taking this separate Whistling Skull project and shoving it into the DCU?

FINALLY! I heard about this from Tony Harris last year at Boston Comic Con, I was wondering when they were finally going to announce it.

Now if only they would start doing more Elseworlds books again.

Another reason for DC to just formally bring back Elseworlds.

I’m presuming this is still an Elseworlds book and not part of the formal multiverse in New 52 … am I right in thinking this is the third LIBERTY FILES book? I thought there was already one sequel a year or two after the initial miniseries.

so very happy about this.
I believe, from the looks of that #52 on the playing card, and the fact that this is a 6 issue series (the first 2 were 2 books each I think) that this will have it’s own universe in the Nu52, and allow for more world building. I always felt it worked okay as part of a Sandman Mystery Theater & Starman Universe.

I’m a big fan of the original Liberty Files series. Glad to hear another is on the way with Tony Harris continuing to provide artwork.

Sounds to me it’s a first and foremost and out-of-continuity book, which would be labeled an Elseworlds if they still labeled things that way, but doubtful its necessarily a specific other Earth. DC has still published things like Batman:Odyssey, the new Simonson Batman mini, and the various digital-first stuff that doesn’t take place in new52 continuity. This is just another one of those.

I also rather pessimistically suspect this is something that was in play before the relaunch and DC was committed to letting them finish it.

I know it is an Elseworlds, but I thought that the Owl (Dr. Mid-Nite) was killed in the first series.

Awesome news. The Liberty Files and the Unholy Three are among my favorite comics. Looking forward to this!

Hey guys. So glad for the excitement! Us too! This is a prequel to JSA: The Liberty File. Thats why The OWL is pictured. If you read LIB FILE, you know The BAT was brought in to replace The CAT, who was killed in a previous adventure mentioned but never explained. Youll see that adventure here, unfolding into SKULLS world( an extension of the LIB FILE world )and the fact that SKULL, and his network are a single POD of agents ( one of a total of 52 ) in the global organization called: THE JUSTICE SOCIETY( or “THE 52″ )

The global organization is called The 52 … is that new? Very clever, Tony.

Ah! It is the brand new NuElseworld!

I am well pleased that we get to revisit this excellent JSA derivative.
I’m also glad it continues as before, safely protected from core-continuity by a different dimensional frequency/Elseworlds logo, take your pick.

The Liberty Files’ “52” concept certainly gets my humoured approval & comes across as a discreet tip of the hat to the All-Star Squadron.

I’m really looking forward to this.

Sounds like it LobsterAfternoon, this project has been the cards a good few years but only now has the DC Elseworlds angle been mentioned.

Nice. The JSA where it belongs and when it belongs, even if it is the Liberty Files version, which I thought worked so well to begin with. When DC announced they had got the rights to Doc Savage and the other pulp-era characters and were putting them into their own ‘neighborhood’ so to speak, I was really hoping it was going to be the Liberty Files universe.


“Liberty Files Universe”?


Yeah for those who don’t know, this originally started as a Wildstorm project with no DC connections.

Its great that DC saw a way for them to use it now connected to DC in the Liberty Files way.

Pretty damn excited about this. I re-read the previously-published books last month and reminded myself just how great they are.

I’m a huge fan of Tony Harris’s art – this guy knows how to draw. :)

Hooray! Both for the series itself AND for it not being part of the new mainstream DCU. Now if we can only get an alt-universe version which is more or less like the DCU we had before Flashpoint… ;)

Best DC news in a while. Looking forward to it, guys. Loved the previous series.

Okay, this is awesome. First DC product I will DEFINITELY BUY in a long time.

Great, DC!!! Please bring back the ELSEWORLD again with great stories and great arts!

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