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DC reveals three early-shipping titles for December skip week

A day after Diamond Comic Distributors informed direct market stores that it won’t ship products the week of Dec. 24 because of the holiday, DC Comics has announced it will deliver three issues early, allowing retailers to offer new merchandise during the “skip week.”

Other publishers and manufacturers are expected to follow suit.

In an email sent this morning to store owners, Diamond said Aquaman #15, Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #4 and Justice League #15, described as “three key titles,” will be included in the Dec. 19 delivery to go on sale Wednesday, Dec. 26. DC similarly provided Blackest Night #6 to retailers a week early in 2009, the last time the distributor experienced a holiday-triggered skip week. On that occasion, some stores broke the Dec. 30 embargo date, with scans appearing online within hours of delivery.

While the three titles being offered this year may not be the hot commodity that Blackest Night was in 2009, Justice League #15 and Aquaman #15 are the first two parts of the “Throne of Atlantis” crossover (and the former marks the debut of new art team Ivan Reis and Joe Prado), while Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #4 is the conclusion of that miniseries.



DC Comics New52 is starting to bore me. I’ve dropped most of the titles I’ve been buying. The only ones I still get are American Vampire, Wonder Woman, Grant Morrison’s Batman and Earth 2.

I love it when multiple parts of a crossover come out in the same week

New 52 doesn’t bore me. :•)

the DC Dark titles, like Swamp Thing and Animal Man have been amazing, but they’re the only part of the New 52 that I’ve enjoyed, and that’s mostly because I’ve been a hardcore fan of the Vertigo books for many many years.

This is cool just on the fact that we get to go to a Comic shop around the holidays and it’s also less stress on the retailers who need a break.

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