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Diamond announces December skip week, ‘Death of the Family’ die-cut overcovers

Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comic Distributors informed retailers this morning that it won’t ship products the week of Dec. 24 because of the UPS delivery schedule. However, selected items will be included with the previous week’s shipment to go on sale Wednesday, Dec. 26.

The distributor last experienced a holiday-triggered “skip week” in December 2009, leaving the direct market without Diamond deliveries for two Wednesdays. That year, DC Comics stepped in to ship Blackest Night #6 early, ensuring retailers had a major new title on Dec. 30 (of course, some put them on shelves early), while some saw the delay as an opportunity to promote independent comics.

This year, however, the wait will be significantly shorter: Retailers will receive another shipment on Friday, Dec. 28, for sale on Wednesday, Jan. 2. Retailers will be notified later which companies will make products available for early delivery.

In a separate email, Diamond also announced the addition of a “die-cut, cardstock overcovers” by Greg Capullo spotlighting the Joker for the following “Death of the Family” crossover issues: Batman #13, Batgirl #13, Catwoman #13, Suicide Squad #14, Batman and Robin #15, Detective Comics #15, Nightwing #15, Red Hood and the Outlaws #15 and Teen Titans #15.



I’m cool with gimick covers as long as they don’t affect the price of the book. They can make issues feel special if they’re used sparringly.

So the die-cut cover isn’t going to be contained to just Batman #13? Boofuford.

I’m enjoying all the returns to the gimmicks of the 90’s. I said 3 years ago that comics (mostly because of story and art quality) had cycled back into the 90’s

Okay, I’m enjoying the series alright, but can we finally admit that the Snyder/Capullo Batman has a very ’90s feeling that fits in very well with much-maligned things like Spawn, KoRn, and Marilyn Manson?

Are these the same type of covers used for the Reign of the Supermen stories from the early 90s? Sure sounds like it.

Let me see if I’ve got this right.

Gimmick covers like die cut, foil, & holograms? CHECK.
Multiple variants? CHECK.
Characters with wildly impractical or overly embellished costumes? CHECK
Rob Liefeld & Jim Lee making waves and news? CHECK
Marvel using an event to (not) reboot its characters? CHECK

Hmmm…. Give me a second. I need to do the math.

Add 3. Carry the 4.

(Lee + Kirby)/ Ditko

Wait a second!!! Did I fall into a time portal and it’s 1996 again?!?

Rob I been saying for years that comics are doing same things 90s over again. Event after event. To many books and everything you said.

Can someone explain to me what the hell “die cut” means?

It’s basically a thin, cardboard-stock cover, instead of a floppy paper one. And most of the time it has a design cut into it

Yayyyy die-cut!

So is it similar to the old paperback novel covers where you’d see a portion of a picture that fit into one cover but then you opened it and there was another picture beneath (eg VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic)?

Answered my own question, that’s exactly what it is

Die-cut refers to the process they use to cut the portions of the cover with (I believe). Oliver and gimpboy are both right in that it is a cover with holes cut in it, usually to create a multi-layered cover effect. Most often they have a card stock paper cover (the weight of a greeting card or business card). There’s one image on that outer card cover, and specifically cut holes that when closed reveal the art on the first page of the (comic) book.

Usually it is used to show one image and you’re like “Oh, everything is okay. This cover is harmless…” Then you open it up and you’re all like: “Oh my golly! There’s another cover in here! And I don’t know if I like the implications of this second image! WHOA!” It could also be a die-cut shape, but that’s not too likely for the comic book format cuz the dang thing will get hella dinged up between manufacture, shipping, the shelves, and getting it home.

Some famous examples include two of Led Zeppelin’s records: Led Zeppelin III and Physical Graffiti. Another is the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls. There are tons of books that include die-cut covers, as well as a good handful or two of comics. The most memorable of which that I can think of is Wolverine #50 with the yellow Weapon X file on the outside, Wolverine claw mark die-cuts revealing Wolverine fighting on the inside…$T2eC16dHJGwE9n)yUs8FBP59kNHc3g~~60_57.JPG

F#ckin’ HATE gimmick covers.



It’s Death OF the Family, not IN the Family?

Oh yeah I forget to mention about skip week. Not much can be done about it I guess but the week after I’m going away that wednesday (jan 2). I wasn’t even going that day. Looks like I might have to now.

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