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Did Marvel just reveal part of New Avengers lineup?

From Skottie Young's "New Avengers" variant cover

While Marvel revealed most of the sprawling lineup for Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opeña’s Avengers last week with Dustin Weaver’s interlocking covers for the first three issues, it has remained tight-lipped about the roster of the companion title New Avengers. But did the publisher just give away part of the team with one of the new Marvel NOW! variants?

Among the covers debuted by Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel on the Diamond Comic Distributors retailer website is a new Baby variant by Skottie Young (above) featuring pint-sized versions of Black Bolt, Black Panther, Iron Man and Mister Fantastic. Decked out in his white Future Foundation costume, a displeased lil’ Reed says, “Seriosly [sic], guys? A simple memo on uniform colors would’ve been nice,” suggesting they are indeed part of a team. Of the four heroes, only Black Bolt — the ruler of the Inhumans whose voice can level cities — has never served as an Avenger.

Hickman, who’s also writing New Avengers (with Steve Epting on art), has teased that with the relaunch the so-far mysterious group won’t operate independently of the primary team. “There’s one big massive Avengers team that is the Avengers, and there’s this other thing that’s going on in New Avengers,” he told Comic Book Resources in July. “When we announce exactly what New Avengers is, it will make perfect sense and everybody will like, ‘Oh yeah! Of course.’ Avengers and New Avengers are the same book — just from two different sides of the world.”

New Avengers relaunches in January.




I hope they fix that typo before going to press :)

I’d be really happy to see Hickman continuing to tell Reed’s story, and I’ve wanted Black Panther back as an Avenger forever. Maybe this is some sort of grand idea, proactive Illuminati Avengers squad?

What Marvel did was release two relatively worthless (this and “Superior”) to get people talking.

This is just a variant cover. Variants don’t always have anything to do with the series its made for (like that month when Deadpool was on every cover of the line often having nothing to do with the book itself). I doubt they’d reveal the line-up in something like this before an official announcement. This is just a pic of baby Illuminati that happened to be put in the New Avengers slot.

I think at Marvel there’s a shark jumping another shark at this point

To me New Avengers is basically International Avengers (like JLA had JLI Justice League International). I don’t see how Mr. Fantastic could be on that team but I do see Black Bolt, Black Panther and Iron Man as possibilities. Throw in War Machine and Rescue as possible International members. Namor is in limbo as of now so I could see some redeeming of him if the Avengers would accept him back. Maybe get Red She-Hulk (though I love what Rick Parker does with Hulks but she could be in both titles) as a team member. Could see Black Widow (she might not have a solo title but she’d be all over the place and it’s about time!), Winter Soldier (I’d think he’d be better for Secret Avengers if it comes back), Captain Britain would be good, Cage, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Ronin, any Young Avengers members (I’d love that title back if possible), Vision, Giant-Man, White Tyger, X-23. Lot’s of possibilities still to explore. I really look forward to Black Panther back officially as an Avenger (and assume Namor won’t be for obvious reasons) and Black Bolt to be an Avenger for the first time. Hercules, She-Hulk (ok double-team there but if Mr. Fantastic is in this Jennifer Walters better be!), Vision, Human Torch (Jim Hammonds), Photon (former Captain Marvel), Daredevil, Quicksilver, Arachne, U.S. Agent (ok I know he’s in Dark Avengers but still), Hawkeye, Hulking, Patriot, Iron Lad, Black Knight etc……..

Hickman’s still writing Reed Richards?

Yes! Easily the best news of the day!

Hah, Skottie doesn’t know that the FF’s uniforms can change colors! Jerk!

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