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Dragon*Con cosplayers recreate Astonishing X-Men wedding cover

When Marvel orchestrated the wedding of Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle Jindau in this summer’s Astonshing X-Men #51, it received considerable attention from the media for it forward-leaning acknowledgment of gay rights. And earlier this month at Dragon*Con, a longtime gay couple and an army of cosplayers recreated that special moment.

Professional costume maker Brian Parsley and his longtime boyfriend George Lewis recreated the moment (as Northstar and Kyle, respectively), in front of an enormous crowd of friends and fellow cosplayers. While it wasn’t an official marriage ceremony (as Georgia has a ban on same-sex marriage), the Florida-based couple said if Georgia allowed it they would have made the ceremony official. Here is a video from the event:



Wow! That’s pretty amazing.

Here’s to many happy returns for the newlyweds :)

That’s… a lot of cosplay O_O

It’s Brian Parsley, actually. ;) Thank you for posting this!!! We had an amazing time doing it.

My first thought was also “Wow, cosplay is wa-a-ay out of control if that’s just the Marvel cosplayers in that picture.” Marvel would only be, what, about half of the total at a typical con? Less?

But never mind that, congratulations on 20+ years! (if I heard Dr. Strange correctly) My wife and I will celebrate our 20th later this month. It’s a good thing.

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